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    If The Characters From "Sex And The City" Were On Tinder

    Just lookin' for my Mr. Big...

    Let's imagine a world before Carrie and Big pledged "ever ours". A world before Samantha got a dog, before Charlotte met Harry, and before Miranda settled down in Brooklyn.

    Carrie's profile would definitely include one of her ~favorite~ quotes:

    Aidan's profile would be the true nice guy gem in a sea of bad Tinder pickup lines waiting to happen:

    While Samantha's would get right down to business, while also lying about her age:

    Stanford would use Tinder only when he was bored with Grindr:

    And Charlotte would believe that every match was a potential husband:

    Trey would use his profession as a way to profess his love:

    Miranda would be no bullshit, and would probably delete it after 10 minutes:

    Smith would never message a match first:

    Harry would use Tinder as a way to find his Jewish goddess:

    Mr. Big would use it purely as a hookup app:

    Anthony would search all over Tinder for his long lost Brazilian love:

    Steve would recognize people from Tinder every night at his bar:

    And Aleksandr would forget to reply for days:

    Richard would overuse the "moments" feature:

    And Jack would abuse puns: