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Couples On Instagram Vs. Couples In Real Life

Love at first lie.

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1. What they post for "date night" on Instagram:

2. What they post for their wedding night on Instagram:

3. What they post when there's a kiss cam:

4. What they post when they're traveling together:

5. What they post when they're "napping" together:

6. What they post for "good morning" texts:

7. What they post for their engagement photos:

8. What they post for their proposal photo on Instagram:

But how it probably goes down in real life:

A man dropped the engagement ring into the ocean while trying to propose to his girlfriend


9. What they post for partying pictures:

10. What their kissing pictures look like on Instagram:

11. What "hanging out with friends" looks like on Instagram:

12. What holding hands looks like on Instagram: