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    I Watched "High School Musical" For The First Time And It Was WILD

    I was also pretty high, so....

    Hi, world! Lara here. Until recently I had never seen the Disney masterpiece that is High School Musical.

    Luckily for me, I am friends with Casey, and she had not only seen High School Musical before, but she agreed to watch it with me again.

    So, on a Saturday night not too long ago, we did what any self-respecting twentysomethings would do — we got high and watched High School Musical.

    tbt to the time i got high and decided to watch high school musical for the first time

    Unbeknownst to me, Casey was writing down everything I said the entire time we watched the movie together.*

    *She doesn't feel remotely bad about it and strongly believes it's the best decision she's ever made.

    So, uh, here's everything I said out loud (and to my dog, Pepper) while watching High School Musical:

    1. Wow, Vanessa ANNE Hudgens, pre-Coachella.

    2. I’m so confused about where they are right now. Because there’s mountains and snow...but then I just saw a cowboy hat.

    3. She’s so busy reading. Also, who has “singing” parties?

    4. Do they even know what song they’re supposed to be singing? Oh wait, it’s karaoke. I thought they were going to make it up.

    5. I’m probably going to download the soundtrack. This is a bop.

    6. For someone who doesn’t sing, she’s pretty into it.

    7. I hate this. He can just sing like that?

    8. *At Zac Efron on screen* I try to slide into his DMs like every week. And there he is. Right on my TV screen.

    9. What kind of party is this?

    10. I hate this.

    11. *To my dog* You’re Troy. That’s you. You have the same hair.

    12. This isn’t a recognizable song, so how do they know the tune? This is stressing me out.

    13. What happened to her book?

    14. Is he wearing tiger PUMA shoes?

    15. Omg this snow. They didn’t even try to make it look good.

    16. Omg are they going to kiss?

    17. Nope.

    18. What kind of fireworks are those?

    19. He took a picture of her to save as his caller ID? What?

    20. Text her! Why isn’t he texting her?

    21. Albuquerque!!!!! We’re in Albuquerque? That’s where this movie takes place? THAT IS WILD.

    22. I can’t believe it’s in Albuquerque. That really threw me.

    23. Why isn’t he wearing red? Everyone else is.

    24. *Sharpay and Ryan walk on screen* Oh, I’ve seen gifs of these people.

    25. Omg they’re about to see each other at school for the first time.

    26. I love this stereotypical theater teacher.

    27. 15 minutes for detention? That’s not legal.

    28. None of them have any books or pencils.

    29. What company is transferring people to Albuquerque? This is suspicious.

    30. Is that where Breaking Bad took place?

    31. Wait did he not text her after they met on vacation? Already a fuckboy.

    32. Who says toodles?

    33. Where did that ball come from?

    34. His speech was actually kind of deep.

    35. *"Get'cha Head In The Game" starts playing* I forgot that this was a musical.

    36. *Pepper starts growling* Honestly, I get it. This is a lot.

    37. What kind of high school has their names on their practice jerseys?

    38. Where’s the coach?

    39. I’ll be honest, the choreography is impressive.

    40. Wow none of them made the shot. They’re all pretty bad at basketball.

    41. There’s the coach. Wait, is that his dad?

    42. Why is he yelling? What is he so mad about?

    43. “Search the Internet.” That’s what the computer screen said instead of Google. Wow.

    44. Why does this drama teacher have an accent? It’s not even a real accent. It’s not British. Like why did she say “music-al”? What accent is that?

    45. I really thought that was Barb from Stranger Things for a second.

    46. It’s slightly weird that they’re brother and sister and they’re singing this song together? Right? This feels weird.

    47. Did she say she’s been in 17 musicals? She’s like 15.

    48. Why did I just get goosebumps? I hate myself. I want someone to volunteer to sing with me.

    49. Is this Zac Efron actually singing? At least they’re not brother and sister.


    51. Oh, he said bake. I was gonna say there’s no way they were ahead of us.


    53. Omg they look really cute together and I hate it.

    54. I like that that skateboard guy was wearing a helmet. Disney is like, “We have to promote safety.”

    55. *Watching the scene where Gabriella sees the video of Troy saying that Gabriella means nothing to him* I’m about to cry. That was fucked up.

    56. Are there mountains in Albuquerque?

    57. So they have a billboard of the team in the school?

    58. I’m confused. It’s the middle of the day and she’s just walking around an empty school singing?

    59. Why does Troy need three basketballs? He just needs one.

    60. Wow Gabriella’s such a forward thinking person for like 15 years old. She’s right, no one forced Troy to say those things. He said them himself.

    61. Does she have a telescope? Who has a telescope in their room?

    62. How did he get up on her balcony?

    63. Look at that skinny scarf. 2006 was a wild time.

    64. Everything about Sharpay's outfit is just… What. Is. Going. On.

    65. Why are they surprising each other with cakes and decorated whiteboards? They all hated each other a second ago.

    66. I’m gonna be honest: Sharpay and Ryan are better than Troy and Gabriella. Like, they’re putting effort into this. It’s unfair.

    67. She’s hacking into the school right now during the decathlon. Omg it’s a close up of the wires showing her hacking in.

    68. *Troy and Gabriella are about to perform "Breaking Free"* I’m so ready. Fuck I love this song. Like, I know this song even though I’ve never seen the movie.

    69. Wait. Gabriella, what are you doing girl? Come on.

    70. *Singing along to "Breaking Free"* I’m gonna cry. This is so good.

    71. Wait I want to rewind it so we can hear the beat drop again.

    72. Take off that lab coat, girl!

    73. Oh god, here’s the dad. Oh my god, the mom too.

    74. Omg where did the moon come from?

    75. Everyone’s standing up and clapping, I’m dying. Like Sharpay and Ryan gave a performance of a lifetime and no one did anything for them.

    76. Where do you think I could get a Wildcats two-piece tracksuit?

    77. Why is that trophy so big? This is high school. Calm down.

    78. How many takes do you think this took? I’m stressed thinking about it.

    79. Wait the movie’s over?

    80. Honestly, how do you tease out this musical they’re auditioning for and NOT show the actual musical?!

    81. Do they show the actual musical in High School Musical 2?

    82. Wait, the credits say Utah casting? So this wasn’t even filmed in Albuquerque then...