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    This Is What The Glossie Brush Is Actually Like

    It's called the Glossie and it's actually pretty damn cool.

    Hello internet, Lara here, and I spend a good portion of my day on the internet, duh! I also spend a good portion of my day refusing to do my hair because I'm lazy and it's still recovering from being fried x1000. That's because a little over a year ago, I went full on mermaid-style with blueeeee as hell hair.

    Lara Parker

    It looked cool, IN MY PERSONAL AND TOTALLY UNBIASED OPINION, but it was fried to a crisp and over a year later it's still recovering.

    So, a couple of weeks ago, when I saw the InStyler Glossie brush ($69.99) on the good 'ole interwebs, I wanted to try it.


    For anyone who isn't familiar and doesn't spend hours looking through hair stuff on Instagram and Pinterest like I do, the "Glossie" is a brush that doubles as a straightener and is plugged into the wall. It heats up to smooth and straighten your hair all in one fell swoop. From my understanding, it's supposed to straighten your hair and leave it feeling silky and smooth in just a one pass.

    The Glossie also comes with a "Precision Press" which I assume is the little clamp to help keep your hair in place while going over the strands with the heated brush.

    Lara Parker

    So knowing all of this, and knowing how little time I want to dedicate to styling my hair, I tried it!

    To begin, here's a photo of my hair after air-drying naturally. Sorry for using the flash.

    Lara Parker

    The Glossie brush is *very* easy to use, but it definitely didn't make my poor, poor damaged locks look straight in just one pass. It took more like two to four passes, which isn't a huge deal for me.

    Lara Parker

    I have naturally wavy hair, and it's different lengths throughout because my hair literally broke off in pieces. So my hair has a lot going on and I think this definitely contributed to the two to four passes to get a straight piece of hair thing.

    The brush has a clip to help hold your hair down for maximum straightening abilities, which I really appreciated.

    Lara Parker

    I also really liked that the Glossie never got SO hot that I was burning my fingers or felt like I was doing further damage to my hair — even when using it on the hottest setting! Even though it didn't get as hot as my other straighteners, it still did its job just as well. And my hair felt healthier/less burnt after use. For real.

    Here's a picture of my hair after using the Glossie brush on one side:

    Lara Parker

    I wouldn't call my hair perfect —don't worry, commenters! — but for the amount of time it took me (less than 10 min), I was satisfied.

    All in all, I am a fan. My hair was still slightly puffy after use, but it didn't feel as crispy and burnt and felt noticeably softer. I would definitely use this brush again. (And already have.)

    Lara Parker

    Get it from Amazon now for $69.99.

    BuzzFeed received the Glossie brush to try free of charge.