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    I Kept Seeing Ads For Personalized Shampoo And Conditioner, So I Tried It

    Please save my hair.

    Hello, world, Lara here, and like many of you with Facebook accounts, I often get sucked into targeted ad marketing. On one beautiful day a couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for personalized shampoo and conditioner through Function of Beauty. As someone with hair, I was immediately intrigued.

    Function of Beauty / Via Facebook: functionofbeauty

    The ad basically stated that you could take a quiz and get a shampoo and conditioner set created and tailored to your hair with free shipping! So I was like, yes, OK, sign me up.

    I was directed to the site and saw the hair quiz. It was time!!

    Function of Beauty

    The first question was about what kind of hair I possessed.

    Function of Beauty

    Then they wanted me to set some goals for my hair. Almost a year ago I went full mermaid hair and it wreaked havoc on my hair. So I went with some serious deep conditioning and replenishing options.

    Function of Beauty

    After I decided what I wanted my shampoo to do for my hair, it was time to pick the design and color scheme! Oh, and you can choose what kind of fragrance you want, and name the damn thing if you want!

    Function of Beauty

    I went with dye-free because it seemed most legit and also essential oils because it seemed very zen.

    Last but not least, I was able to choose the size(s) that I wanted with an option to get it sent to me every month. I'm a lil' scared of commitments like that, so I went with "JUST THIS ONCE" and the $36 option and ordered that shit.

    Function of Beauty

    I thought the hair quiz would be more in-depth, and I was a little worried that it only included a few questions.

    But it arrived within a week, and I was so excited to use it. When I got home and opened the box, I was a little surprised by the size of the bottles in person — they seemed a tad small for the price ($36) — but overall the box was aesthetically pleasing, and they even included some twist-in pumps for easier distribution of my new shampoo and conditioner.

    Lara Parker

    Also, PSA, the whole naming-your-shampoo thing shows up on the outside of the box, and I just put my name (what the hell else would I put?) and then my box said "Function of Lara," which sounded kinda weird. Next time I shall put "Khaleesi."

    The box also comes with a handy-dandy handout reminding you of your hair goals and every ingredient in your shampoo and conditioner.

    Lara Parker

    Here's a before-and-after picture of my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner combo for 10 days:

    Lara Parker

    It's obviously hard to tell in a picture, but my hair looked AND felt softer. It was easier to style and just felt healthier overall. I really didn't expect this shampoo and conditioner to do much to my damaged strands, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    All in all, I'm pretty obsessed with my new shampoo and conditioner. Facebook got me again.

    What I loved: The essential oils felt tingly and refreshing on my scalp and smelled amazing. The texture of the shampoo feels less chemical-y, and my hair felt healthier after just a couple of uses. This is exactly what I wanted in a shampoo and conditioner.

    What I didn't love: I don't love that it's pricier than your average shampoo and conditioner, but the softness of my hair is worth it. I'll just use smaller portions to make it really last. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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