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    I Tried 5 Different Subscription Boxes For My Period So That You Don't Have To

    I'll try anything that saves me from having to put on pants to buy tampons.

    Alice Mongkongllite

    Hello, people of the world, my name is Lara, and every month I bleed from my vagina. I have been doing so for about 10 years now, and it is not what I would call "fun." As someone with endometriosis and other reproductive organ issues — it's even less fun. In fact, it causes me a fuck ton of pain.

    So when I realized that there were a bunch of different types of period subscription boxes, I thought, What the hell, I'll try 'em. I ordered five different boxes ranging in price and decided to rate them based on the following:

    1. Overall usefulness of the box. 

    2. The most bang for the buck!

    3. And did it actually make my period better somehow?



    1. Le Parcel, $12 a month

    Macey J Foronda

    Le Parcel is the cheapest of the boxes I ordered at just $12, and even though I expected less from it due to the price and description, I was still a little shocked at how bare it was. It was literally just tampons and marshmallows. Don't get me wrong, I use tampons currently, so that was handy and I didn't have to make a special trip this month. And who doesn't want a chocolate marshmallow when you're deep in the throes of PMS? This box is simple and straight to the point — but sometimes that's all you need. If I ever just want tampons and a treat, I'll definitely order again.

    1. Overall usefulness of the box: 9/10 — I used the tampons and ate the marshmallows.

    2. Bang for the buck: 5/10 — At $12, it's more expensive than an actual box of tampons and marshmallows, but at least they came right to my door and I didn't even have to put pants on to get them.

    3. Did it actually make my period better somehow?: 3/10 — The tampons helped soak up my blood, but that's about it.

    2. The PMS Package, $15 a month

    Macey J Foronda

    This box was so cute that it *almost* made me forget that my period was about to ruin my life. It had a variety of snacks — the box came with popcorn, a granola bar, AND special PMS Bites that are made with different herbs that are supposed to combat PMS (and was on Shark Tank!!). The box also included a bath bomb, lipstick, lip balm, and a Beautyblender. I might start getting this box every month.

    1. Overall usefulness of the box: 7/10 — I used most of the stuff in the box within a week of receiving.

    2. Bang for the buck: 9/10 — At $15, it came with a lot of stuff that made it feel worth it.

    3. Did it actually make my period better somehow?: 7/10 — I loved the inclusion of the PMS Bites, and while it didn't make my period easy, it certainly didn't make it any worse.

    3. The Period Store, $15 a month for basic, $32.50 for mine with the heating pads + tampons

    Macey J Foronda

    I really, really liked this box right off the bat because it had the option to include portable heating pads that you can activate with just hot water, which is so key for someone with endometriosis. In fact, you can add on a shit ton of stuff, but it will cost you. It also included painkillers, chocolate, herbal teas, as well as original artwork by a female artist just for fun. I was impressed enough to order it again.

    1. Overall usefulness of the box: 8/10 — The portable heating pads were brilliant, and as much as I wish I didn't need painkillers on my period, I do.

    2. Bang for the buck: 6/10 — The basic box at $15 had some stuff that I felt was worth it — and to me heating pads are priceless — so paying extra for them felt worth it to me. But it's not something I would want to do 12 times a year.

    3. Did it actually make my period better somehow?: 10/10 — I actually took the portable heating pads with me on vacation to Italy, which eased some of the anxiety I had before leaving about what my pain levels might be like.

    4. Bonjour Jolie, $22.50 a month

    Macey J Foronda

    This box was so fun! It arrived in February and was Mardi Gras–themed. It had alllll kinds of stuff inside. The box included painkillers, Mardi Gras beads, hair ties, loads of chocolate, herbal tea, bath salts, potato chips, tampons, and pads. I ate the chocolate immediately. I would probably try this box again — but because of the price, I wouldn't want it every month.

    1. Overall usefulness of the box: 6/10 — Some of the stuff (like the chocolate) I used right away — some of the other stuff is still sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to find a way into my everyday life.

    2. Bang for the buck: 3/10 — At over $20, it didn't feel worth it to me compared to the cheaper boxes I had seen.

    3. Did it actually make my period better somehow?: 2/10 — It had the standard tampons and pads with some painkillers, but didn't add much else to improve my period.

    5. HelloFlo, $44.95 for a box

    Macey J Foronda

    OK, first things first, this box is a little pricey. But I was pleasantly surprised by what came in it...and the options to add even more before checking out on the website. I got a new pair of underwear, fancy Kleenex, a new makeup bag, tampons, pads, fruit chews, lip balm, hair ties, TWO menstrual cups, and Cottonelle fresh wipes. I loved this box even if it was just for the underwear that said "Be your own shero." This isn't something I would want every month — but to treat myself every once in a while? Sign me uppppp.

    1. Overall usefulness of the box: 8/10 — I loved the inclusion of everyday things — like the makeup bag and menstrual cups — because it felt like something I would have purchased anyway.

    2. Bang for the buck: 6/10 — I loved this box, but I wish it wasn't more than $30, even with all the great stuff it included.

    3. Did it actually make my period better somehow?: 8/10 — Red underwear is something I didn't know I needed until I started my period in them and realized it didn't matter! It didn't help my pain — but it made me *kind of* look forward to that time of the month knowing that this box was coming. And I guess that's what matters.

    Overall, the two best boxes were the The PMS Package and The Period Store. But the best part of it all is that there are boxes designed specifically to make your period a little less shitty to deal with. It's about damn time!


    A reader pointed out that I had add-ons for The Period Store box that cost extra, a complete oversight by me. The post has been updated to reflect the price I paid!

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