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Here Are 17 Memes For Anyone Who Dislikes Children, You're Welcome

Like, they're just not that cool?

1. Look, you gave children a fair shot. You tried. But you and children just DON'T MESH.

2. You don't really understand anything they do.

3. And you have no idea how to talk to them or interact with them. So you just don't!


4. If you ever actually had children of your own, you would have no idea what to do. You'd just...scream.

FOX / Via

5. And you'd probably, most likely, definitely dislike at least one of your kids.

@TeaandCopy / Via Twitter: @teaandcopy

6. You'd prefer to just stick with animals.

7. Even though sometimes you're convinced some kids might actually be animals from another planet.

mcafe / Via

8. Any time you are around children, you rest easy knowing that they aren't coming home with you.

9. And holding them? Nah.

Warner Bros. Studios / Via

10. You consistently have nightmares about being pregnant.

@jennandjuice_ / Via Twitter: @jennandjuice_

11. Because having kids is something you just straight-up do not want.

@david8hughes / Via Twitter: @david8hughes

12. You don't really care if other people reproduce, it's just not for you.

@dobmichaela / Via

13. In fact, you're pretty sure life would be better with more dogs and less kids.

14. It just seems like kids are always...there. Ruining things.

15. And that's why you avoid them! You're doing your part!

16. And yeah, people will think you're weird or mean, but you're just being YOU.

17. And that's fine. So hello, dogs; goodbye, children.

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