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24 Pictures That Will Hit All Twentysomethings Right In The Feels

I'll have a vodka latte to go, please.

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2. The all-too-familiar dinner that satisfies all dietary needs:

5. The precautions you have to take to make sure you aren't late, even though you still are every single day:

7. The all-too-real Cards Against Humanity mash-up that perfectly describes your relationship with Sallie Mae:

9. The things you do when you're supposed to be responsible but don't freaking feel like it:

11. The struggle of wrestling with Ikea furniture and instructions:

15. The lunch you "cook" when you bring your lunch to work with you:

19. The wine you buy when you're really splurging:

22. The drink you have when it's only Wednesday but you need it to be Friday:


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