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This Is How You Know If You're Dating A Catfish

For when something's fishy.

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They text you so much that they must have an unlimited data plan.

Vh1 / Via

Add me to that family plan though, yanno?

You met when you noticed them in your "other messages" folder on Facebook.

Bravo / Via

Totally legit.

All of their pictures online are VERY attractive.

The WB

Like, have they ever had a bad hair day??

They rarely ever send you selfies when you ask.

E! / Via

It takes a couple of hours.

They say their webcam is broken.

The CW

Excuse me, this isn't One Tree Hill and you're not Peyton Sawyer! It's called FACETIME, bb.

They are a model... but you can't find any of their work.

The CW

Did you get cut in the first episode of America's Next Top Model or...?

Or a rapper... but their voice sounds totally different in their songs.


Maybe it's puberty?

They seem too good to be true.

The CW

Just like fat-free ice cream that still tastes like ice cream.

They are TERRIBLE at making plans.

Paramount Pictures

Just like you after you've already taken your pants off for the day.

And when you made plans, they didn't even show up.

E! / Via

And unless they had already taken off their pants for the day, it seems rude.

When you reverse image search the pictures they send you, they show up everywhere.

Bravo / Via

People must be using their pictures to be a Catfish!

They have whiskers.


And it isn't because of old age.

They only want to hang out in water because they "can't live without it."

ABC Family

Not EVER willing to compromise!!

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