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    This Is What Happens When You Wear The Kylie Lip Kit All Day Long

    Would it survive my burrito?

    Lara Parker / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Hello there. I'm Lara and I am fascinated by Kylie Jenner. She is everything I never was as a teen. And now that she has a lip kit, I, a person with lips, knew I needed to try it.

    Going into this, I knew I was not a makeup fanatic or expert by any means, but that I love a good lipstick every now and then. Even if said lipstick is something I bought at Target for half off.

    But when it came to this kit, wearing such a bold color all day scared me.

    Would it be all over my teeth? Would it show up on my nose somehow? Can an amateur apply this and make it work???

    So before I added this stain to my daily routine I wanted to find out just how well it would hold up.

    Lara Parker and Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    To start my day, I ate oatmeal, because I was too lazy to cook at home and found this at the office. I honestly forgot I was even wearing it and was eating like I normally would. So halfway through the my bowl, I realized I should be more careful or I would have brown lip stain all over my face. When I was finished, it wasn't too bad. It had come off the inside of my lips a little bit, but still looked hella good when my mouth was closed.

    Lara Parker and Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    Ever since I read an article that one of my Facebook friends from high school shared about drinking water, I've been trying to drink more water every day. But I use a straw, and after the third big gulp of water that morning, I realized that I might be wreaking havoc on my precious brown lips.

    After careful examination of my straw and lips though, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, some had definitely come off. But with my lips closed as they usually were, no one could even tell.

    Lara Parker and Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    An hour later, my stomach grumbled, and I realized that my oatmeal had not been enough. I went on a search for more food and decided to grab a banana. As anyone who has eaten a banana before knows, they require some lip action. I kept looking at my banana to see if there was brown residue, but there wasn't! Which means I probably ate it all, because by the end of my banana you could definitely tell my lips were losing their vibrance. This went downhill fast. By this point I had only had the lip stain on for an hour!

    Lara Parker and Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    Next up, it was time for lunch. And lunch was just an hour after my banana. I grabbed a frozen burrito from Trader Joe's and began to prepare myself and my lips for the task ahead. In case you've never eaten a burrito with your hands before, they get messy. And who has time for forks? I was also STARVING, so I didn't think my lips had much of a chance.

    The whole eating the burrito ordeal took only five minutes, and at the end when I looked in the mirror I was a little disappointed to see how much stain had come off my lips. I looked like I had decided to wear a lip stain but given up halfway through and instead of wiping it off, decided to leave it on.

    Lara Parker and Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

    When it was finally time for me to head home from work that day, I was exhausted by the task of trying to keep my lip color looking luscious all day long. But when I got home and met up with my boyfriend, I knew my task was not yet done. I needed to put the lip stain to the ultimate test: I needed to make out with my boyfriend.

    As most people know, making out with any sort of lip coating is approximately 90% less fun. God created lipstick to make us look beautiful, and then taught us a lesson by taking it away while kissing.

    I'll save you from pictures of my boyfriend and I making out because my parents have access to the internet, but I will say that it was not pretty. And the end result speaks volumes.

    Lara Parker

    Kylie's Lip Kit is fun and the colors look great. But if you're expecting them to last all day through any sort of eating and kissing and drinking activity without a reapplication, you'll be disappointed.

    When I thought about how much "work" went into trying to maintain my lip color and vibrance, it seemed daunting. But when I woke up the next morning and looked at the pictures right after application, I knew I would do it again.

    Because after all, no one ever said looking good was easy. I think.