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    Here Are Five Stories From Women Whose Doctors Didn't Believe Them

    "These are the people who are supposed to fix you."

    Hi world, Lara here, and a couple of months ago I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories of times that, as people who identify as female, they felt like doctors didn't believe in their pain.

    As someone with health issues that are female-anatomy related, I have had numerous experiences with doctors not taking my pain seriously or not believing me at all. I was curious to see if others had felt the same.

    I ended up publishing this piece with 29 stories included. The stories were shocking and in many cases, horrifying. But what shocked me the most was the amount of submissions I received. Hundreds and hundreds. Obviously I wasn't alone.

    So the time has come for myself and four other women at BuzzFeed to share our stories of the time our doctors didn't believe us.

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    Lara's story:

    Tania's story:

    Daysha's story:

    Jessica's story:

    Kelsey's story: