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23 Hashtags Every Tall Girl Needs In Her Life


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1. When people assume you must be wearing heels:

2. When it's time for summer clothing:

3. When people ask if your parents are tall:

4. When people assume you play sports:


5. When people constantly ask you to reach things for them:

6. When people remind you of your struggles with dating:

7. When you had hope until someone stood up:

8. When you try to take a selfie with your friends:


9. When people ask you how the weather is "up there":

10. When you're shopping:

11. When you're on an airplane:

12. When you're at the movies:


13. When you're in a group picture:

14. When you try to look at yourself in a mirror:

15. When you're trying on jeans:

16. When you're browsing Forever 21:


17. When people claim you walk too fast:

18. When you really want to take a bubble bath:

19. When you can't fit under your shower head:

20. When you have to knee bend to fit in photos:


21. When you're trying to hug or kiss someone shorter than you:

22. When you're about to get in the car:

23. And when you're trying to figure out life's mysteries: