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Harry Potter Is Actually One Of The Worst Characters Of All Time

The boy who maybe shouldn't have lived.

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And when it came time for the series to become a movie franchise, we waited outside movie theaters for HOURS arguing about which house was actually the best. We were thrilled to see our fantasy come to life.


First of all, Harry was freakin' selfish. What's that you say? He sacrificed himself in the end to save the day? Sure, cool, good for him. But let's think about how many times people sacrificed their safety and possible LIVES for him.

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1) His parents.

2) Hagrid.

3) The Weasleys in entirety with the exception of Percy who came around eventually.

4) The entire Order of the Phoenix.

5) The Dursleys, tbh.

6) Hermione.

7) Dumbledore.

8) Snape.

9) Pretty much every professor at Hogwarts, ever.

10) Neville.

11) Dumbeldore's Army.

12) Sirius.

13) Lupin.

14) Dobby. 😰

15) The list could continue but it's exhausting me emotionally to write this.

Harry took his anger out on others.

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Look, we get it, he had a sad life. But that doesn't give him an out to treat people like crap. Remember when Harry turned his Aunt Marge into a balloon? Yep. Was it deserved? Maybe. Could he chill the hell out? Definitely. Do some yoga, Harry.


Harry is kind of a fuckboy.

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He took Parvati Patel to the Yule Ball and spent the ENTIRE time sulking because his dream girl Cho Chang turned him down. REALLY FUCKING SWEET, HARRY. This is fuckboy behavior 101. That's all we have to say about that.

Harry thinks he is above rules, which he displays continually by using his cloak to sneak out and be a real punk.

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Sure, maybe it turned out OK in the end, but what if Neville or Draco had tried sneaking out all the times that Harry did? DON'T THINK IT WOULD BE SO COOL ANYMORE.

He was completely reliant on others.

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Remember when he got help for LITERALLY EVERY TASK during the Triwizard Tournament? Yeah, we know he didn't choose to be entered, but he could have at least TRIED. Harry is the kid in your class who shows up two minutes before class starts and expects you to let him copy your homework. NO, BRO. DO IT YOURSELF. Just a little effort, Harry. That's all we ask.

He was a dick to Moaning Myrtle.

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This girl is DEAD. She was killed when she was literally just using the bathroom. Now she is so sad that all she does is haunt the first-floor girls bathroom. And Harry decided that this warranted him being a dick to her. He's taking a bath, she comes to say hello, and he cries about it. WHAT, LIKE SHE'S NEVER SEEN A PENIS BEFORE HARRY?! CHILL OUT. THIS ISN'T 1802. Then, after he's a dick to her, she STILL helps him out with his clue. Moaning Myrtle FTW.


And Harry loves being the center of attention.

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Remember when Harry insisted on saving every single person underwater during the second task? Yeah, us too. Did Harry really think that Dumbledore, and the Ministry of Magic for that matter, would allow innocent people to drown underwater? We don't freaking think so. Of course he had to insert himself into the situation and "save" these people WHO DIDN'T EVEN NEED SAVING.

Harry doesn't freaking LISTEN.

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Remember when Dumbledore and Snape told Harry that Voldemort would try to control his dreams and he needed to practice Occlumency? US TOO. And remember when Harry literally didn't and then Voldemort used him to get what he wanted and Sirius died in the process? US TOO.

Harry refused to use his damn brain.

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Point proven: If he would have used his brain, Sirius might still be alive. 💔 CONTROVERSIAL? Maybe. But also, fact: Sirius gave Harry a damn mirror as a way for them to communicate and he cared so much about it that he stored it at the bottom of his trunk so that it could shatter just like our hearts when Sirius died. Sorry.

He legitimately thought only about himself 97% of the time.

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Sure, sometimes he was actually the victim, but was he really? Remember in the seventh book when his friends risked their lives to try and save his life by transforming themselves into him with the help of Polyjuice Potion? And remember how he threw a fit and was like, "Wah, don't help me." And they were like, "STFU, this isn't just about you." It isn't just about you, Harry. Stop acting like it is.


He gets credit for everything even though he would have been dead in the first book without the help of his friends.

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Wow Harry is such a hero! Wow Harry has defeated Voldemort for seven books in a row! BUT HAS HE?? HAS HE?? No. No, he has not. Good old Voldemort would have killed Harry in the first book if he didn't have help from pretty much everyone, but especially Ron and Hermione. At least be appreciative, man.

He was stubborn AF.

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Yeah, I mean I get it, people are stubborn. But it's time to grow up, Harry, and stop acting like a 12-year-old. Mad that things aren't going your way? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Mad at your friend? TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT. Mad that Snape treats you unfairly? STOP SMARTING OFF TO HIM.

And, tbh, he plays the victim.

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Look we know Harry had a difficult life. And we know he has some shit to be sad about it. But come ON. Harry's favorite pastime is feeling sorry for himself. Life goes on, Harry, and you should too.