26 Of The Happiest Dogs Of All Time

    It's never a ruff day for these pups.

    1. This dog who got stuck under the couch and was thrilled to see his owner.

    2. This dog who looks like he just tasted a hamburger for the first time.

    3. This dog who actually looks forward to his bath time.

    4. This dog who LOVES his view.

    5. This dog enjoying the sunny day and loving every second of it. 🌞

    6. This dog who is very happy to see you.

    7. This dog who is very into hugs and posing.

    8. This dog who wants to welcome you home after a long day.

    9. This dog who is happy despite the fact that he could only find a small stick to chew on.

    10. This dog who loves grass so much he just wants to roll around in it forever.

    11. This dog who can't stop laughing at your "that's what she said" joke.

    12. This dog who is STOKED to leave the vet's office.

    13. This dog who loves pumpkin spice lattes and all things fall.

    14. This dog who is sooo happy to have a new bone.

    15. This dog who could not be happier to feel the wind on his face.

    16. And this dog who just loves the hell out of life.

    17. This dog who doesn't even care that he is surrounded by rocks.

    18. This dog whose smile makes everyone smile.

    19. This dog who is a total hippie and loves it.

    20. This dog who has the ultimate squad goals and knows it.

    21. This dog who could not possibly be any happier.

    22. This dog who just wanted to say hi.

    23. This dog who gets to play with this huge tennis ball.

    24. This dog who has nailed the perfect Instagram picture pose.

    25. This dog who is stoked for movie night.

    26. And this dog who wants you to have the best day ever.

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