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    Frank Ocean Just Released Another New Song And People Are Losing It

    Happy birthday to us.

    You know Frank Ocean? Grammy award winning artist and #1 at making us all lose our minds in anticipation of new music?

    Yes, well, he's done it again. Last night during his radio show Blonded Radio, Frank dropped a new song called "Lens."

    He played two versions. One was a solo version, "Lens," and one was a collaboration with Travis Scott called "Lens V2."

    Travis announced the collaboration on Twitter.

    Then people began to lose their minds!

    how i sleep knowing frank ocean is alive and making art that we can all get together and enjoy as friends


    Does Frank ocean really expect me to sit here listening to lens on repeat for an hour?? Because that's exactly what I'm going to do

    *uses inhaler*

    frank ocean obviously doesn't care about my health dropping all these songs what the fuck

    *starts to shake with excitement*

    We got a Frank Ocean and Travis Scott Collab


    Again, same.

    You can buy "Lens" on iTunes here.