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17 Tweets About The Food Network That Are Both Delicious And Funny AF

*takes a trip to Flavortown*

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1. When you realize this cruel reality:

@stevie9LF / Via Twitter: @stevie9LFC

2. When you channel your inner Giada:

@dailymeme / Via Twitter: @DAlLYMEME

3. When the buildup is almost as good as the climax:

@DenzelScotch / Via Twitter: @DenzelScotch

4. When you'll never see NSYNC the same way again:

@saywhatagain / Via Twitter: @saywhatagain

5. When microwaveable dinners become a thing of the past:

@paigemohr / Via Twitter: @paigemohr

6. When you're just trying to get by but they target you with their commercials...

@muss_n_fuss / Via Twitter: @muss_n_fuss

7. ...seriously:

@Jeesa_Jay / Via Twitter: @Jeesa_Jay

8. When you take a trip to Flavortown:

@reedro / Via Twitter: @reedro

9. When the Chopped chef gets petty:

@falseshephard / Via Twitter: @falseshephard

10. When the classic PB&J gets an upgrade:

@memesmyselfandi / Via Twitter: @MemesmyselfandI

11. When all you need is a little Ina in your life:

@DanaSchwartzzz / Via Twitter: @DanaSchwartzzz

12. And when you can finish every one of her sentences:

@blake_griffNK / Via Twitter: @blake_griffNK

13. When you mix two of the greatest shows of all time:

@kevinmanci / Via Twitter: @kevinmanci

14. When you recognize just how blessed you are:

@KatyPayne123 / Via Twitter: @KatyPayne123

15. When the similarities are uncanny:

@jennakey143 / Via Twitter: @jennakey143

16. When you accept this unfortunate reality:

@technecat / Via Twitter: @technecat

17. And finally, when any achievement matters, no matter how small:

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