108 First Date Questions To Get The Conversation Rolling

    If there's gonna be second date, I'll need these questions answered...

    Going on a first date soon? Good for you! Scroll to find the best first-date questions that the Twitter account @firstdateqs, Reddit, the BuzzFeed Community, and BuzzFeed writers had to offer. Here's to avoiding awkward silences!

    Portrait of beautiful tourists couple eating traditional food in the municipal market of São Paulo

    1. What do you value more, money or happiness?

    2. What is a saying that you try to live by?


    3. What is a skill you wish you had?


    4. If you’re working on something as part of a team, what role do you take on?

    5. Have you ever read a book that changed the way you thought?

    6. What tattoo would you get, if you had to get one?

    7. Do you think that money makes the world go round?


    8. Do you find it easier to gain knowledge through books or hands-on experience?


    9. Who are three of the most important people in your life?


    10. What is your idea of a perfect date?

    11. Do you work best in the morning or the evening?


    12. What is your biggest fear?


    13. What has been the best part of this year?


    14. If you had three wishes in life, what would they be?

    15. Who is your favorite Disney villain?


    16. What is your favorite drink?


    17. If you were given a lump sum of money to start a business, what kind of business would you start?


    18. What is your family like?

    19. Do you keep in touch with people you no longer see regularly?


    20. How do you like to spend your day?


    21. Have you ever met a celebrity?


    22. Have you ever been to another country by yourself?


    23. What kind of things make you laugh the hardest?


    24. What was your happiest moment in the past month?


    25. What's your favorite cheesy rom com?

    26. When was the last time you did something for the first time?


    27. "What is the most fun thing you’ve done this week?"


    28. What are you watching on Netflix right now?


    29. If you could invite anyone in the world to a dinner party, who would you invite?

    30. As a kid, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?


    31. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?


    32. Who is your favorite Disney villain?

    33. What’s something I’d never in a million years guess by looking at you?


    34. What’s your dream job?


    35. What is your Myers Briggs type?


    36. Have you ever been to another country by yourself?


    37. If you really like something on the menu, do you always order the same thing?


    38. If people went to jail for bad habits, what would be yours?


    39. If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?


    40. What kind of beans do you get at Chipotle?

    41. Besides “Hot Cross Buns,” how many songs can you play on the recorder?


    42. What secret would you tell me about yourself that you wouldn't normally tell someone else?


    43. Do you have your "read" receipts on?

    44. Do you put empty milk cartons back in the fridge?

    45. Do you take bites of food without asking?

    46. Do you talk during movies?

    A couple sitting in a movie theater and laughing

    47. Do you start eating a muffin BEFORE you unwrap the little muffin sleeve or after you unwrap the little muffin sleeve?


    48. Do you leave voicemails?

    49. If you had a dragon, who would you have burned into an unrecognizable crisp first?


    50. When both were an option, have you ever ordered regular fries instead of curly fries?

    Assorted french fries, onion rings, and tater tots and toppings

    51. Do you spell out the word "you" when texting?

    52. How many people would you kill for a piece of cornbread? Like, even if you didn't HAVE to kill anybody but you could, just on a cornbread high?


    53. What’s the biggest piece of food you’ve dropped in the kitchen and then kicked under the fridge instead of picking it up?


    54. Do you consistently let your phone battery fall below 20%?

    55. How many loaves of restaurant bread do you think you could fit down your pants and sneak out of here?


    56. Do you leave the door open when you're peeing?

    57. Do you think lizards can fall in love?

    Two lizards looking at each other

    58. What is the most random movie quote you find yourself saying constantly in everyday conversation?

    59. Are you more of a Stark or a Lannister?

    60. If aliens are real, how disgusted do you think they are with you?


    61. How many times a day do you realize you haven’t been paying attention to anything because you were thinking about grilled cheese?

    A multilayered grilled cheese

    62. Would you rather bring back the phrase “bling-bling” or “What’s the dealio”?

    63. Do you think cats like guacamole?

    A cat lying next to a food plate of chips and dip

    64. If you didn’t already know my name, what would you say I look like my name would be?

    65. Do you think Shrek and Fiona should’ve gotten a divorce?


    66. How many times a day do you look around you and think, I wish I was naked right now?


    67. What’s one topic you can talk about forever without having to google?

    68. How many minutes do you have to spend in a Whole Foods before realizing humanity is lost?


    69. Did you ever go through a “goth” stage?

    70. How quickly into building a piece of Ikea furniture do you throw yourself out a window?

    The Ikea logo

    71. If you could spend a summer traveling with one band, which would it be?

    72. How many times have you brought an entire bottle of wine into the shower?


    73. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done?

    74. How many times have you tried communicating telepathically with a dog just to see if you could?


    75. Who’s on your workout playlist?

    76. If you were a bird, whose car would you shit on first?


    77. What’s one thing you love that most people think is weird?

    78. Have you ever considered giving up your career to become one of those elves that bake cookies in trees?


    79. When you're having a crappy day, who’s the first person you text?

    80. Do you put the toilet paper roll on the right way or the murderer way?

    A toilet roll being pulled from the top and another from the bottom

    81. It’s only you left on Earth and one single animal. Which animal would you pick?

    82. How easy do you think it would be for us to rob a bank right now, and are you willing to go in first?


    83. Worst date you’ve ever been on?

    84. Have you ever broken a chip in a bowl of guacamole and then just left the broken part in? Because if so, you can fucking leave right now.


    85. Celebrity crush now vs. when you were a teen?

    86. If you lost all your teeth, do you think you'd just eat healthy smoothies or would you, like, grind up chicken nuggets?


    87. Can we both just talk about Paul Rudd?

    Paul Rudd waving and smiling

    88. Do you think bugs have best friends?


    89. What's your dream home?

    90. What’s your favorite type of whale?


    91. Who was your worst roommate?

    92. Do you think of yourself as more of a temperate woodland squirrel or a bushy mountain squirrel?


    93. You and your friends are about to go out to a party. What is the final pump-up song you play?

    People dancing at a party

    94. How many hours do you think you’d last on the Oregon Trail before you succumbed violently to disease?


    95. What would the title of your memoir be?

    96. What’s the worst thing you would do for some free guacamole?


    97. If you could have grown up in any other city, which one would you have chosen?

    98. What if one day, all the hamsters just started speaking in fluent Spanish? Like, every hamster in the world started spouting rapid Spanish.


    99. What’s something you did as a kid that seems insane now?

    100. How long do you think you’d last in Jurassic Park before you did something stupid and got us both killed?


    101. What celebrity would you really want to smell?

    102. Which room in Hogwarts would you most wanna bang in?

    A big building with spires on a hill above trees

    103. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve had to look up online?

    104. How many times a day do you stop everything to listen to the Space Jam theme song?


    105. Which cartoon character do you find weirdly attractive?

    106. How many times have you sat in the shower — like, actually sat down?


    107. What do you like to do during a long car ride?

    Woman in the backseat of a car leaning out the window

    108. What’s one word you cannot spell no matter how hard you try?

    This article contains content from Lara Parker and Matt Bellassai. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.