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19 Faces Everyone Who Shops At Target Will Recognize

I spent how much?!

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1. When people tell you that you "just went to Target last week."

Umm, yeah? What's your point?

2. When someone grabs the last pair of sale boots in your size: / Via Columbia Pictures

3. When you realize there are new items in the dollar section:

4. When the checkout cashier turns off their light as soon as you get in line:

5. When you spot a hottie in the freezer section:

6. When you go to buy something only to realize you already own it:

7. When someone hasn't signed up for the REDcard yet:

8. When you're in Target and you see what you're wearing on the rack:

9. When the cashier is like, "Hey, I remember you":

10. When someone chooses to go to Walmart instead of Target:

11. And when someone says they "don't really shop at Target.":

12. When you first looked at the Cartwheel app:

13. When your co-worker is looking at Target's website at work but you're trying to concentrate:

14. When the line for the Starbucks is too long but you know you'll wait in it anyway:

15. When the shoes are buy one get one 50% off:

16. When you convince someone you need to stop at Target for "just a few things":

17. When you spot the red bull's-eye and know you're close:

18. When someone gives you a Target gift card:

19. And when you get to the checkout line and realize how much you spent: