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21 Faces That Are Too Real For Anyone In The Midwest

The "it's 70 degrees today and snowing tomorrow" face.

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1. The "someone asked me if I live next to a cornfield" face:


2. The "I just tried Steak 'n Shake fries with cheese for the first time" face:


3. The "it's 70 and sunny today and supposed to snow tomorrow" face:


4. The "I can't believe you just called us flyover states" face:


5. The "holy shit I just almost hit a deer" face:


6. The "I'll try the new fried fair food" face:


7. The "someone asked me if I've ever gone cow tipping" face:

8. The "someone has heard of your hometown before" face:

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9. The "a side of ranch costs extra" face:

10. The "humidity is ruining my look" face:


11. The "there's a foot of snow on the ground but they expect me to drive to work" face:

12. The "it's snowing in March" face:


13. The "winter is finally over" face:


14. The "someone thinks my childhood was boring" face:


15. The "someone thought puppy chow was food for dogs" face:

16. The "someone said deep dish pizza isn't even that good" face:

17. The "I said pop and people corrected me and said soda" face:

18. The "we're having a hotdish for dinner" face:

19. The "it's happy hour at Dairy Queen" face:

20. The "I was the last one to say padiddle" face:


21. And the "someone asked why anyone would ever live in the midwest" face:


Because it's the best, duh?

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