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This Woman's Endometriosis Halloween Costume Shows What The Pain Is Really Like

Just because it's invisible doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell.

This is 21-year-old Sinead Smythe. She lives with a painful condition called endometriosis.

Sinead Smythe / Via Instagram: @sineadsmythe

Endometriosis is when the tissue that is similar to the tissue that normally lines the uterus escapes and attaches to other organs, which can cause scarring, heavy periods, and severe or debilitating pain. It affects approximately 180 million people worldwide.

However, because endometriosis exists internally, it is invisible to the outside eye, causing people who live with it to feel as if they constantly have to prove that they're in pain.

Sinead Smythe / Via Instagram: @sineadsmythe

That's why Smythe decided to do something different for Halloween this year — she decided to dress up as her invisible illness.

Sinead Smythe / Via Instagram: @sineadsmythe

Smythe told BuzzFeed that after suffering terrible physical and mental pain for years due to her endometriosis she wanted to portray on the outside of her body what it felt like on the inside.

She painted deep bruise marks to represent the almost constant pain she feels. Smythe went on, "I thought to myself, why don't I paint bruising in an effort to open up people's eyes to the effects of this horrible disease? I wanted them to be able to imagine pain that feels like fireworks are trapped exploding throughout your body."

Sinead Smythe / Via Instagram: @sineadsmythe

Smythe said that the response to her "costume" so far has been incredible, and that she hopes it will continue to open people's eyes to the horrible realities of living with this disease. "I hope people learn that endometriosis is a serious condition and those suffering should receive the support they deserve," she told BuzzFeed.

As someone living with endometriosis I'm not biased or anything — but this is the best costume I've ever seen.