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19 Pictures That Are Too Real For Anyone With An Older Brother

*Slaps him. Runs away.*

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1. When he wouldn't let you have the remote so you called for your mom:

2. And when you finally got the remote and had to guard it with your life:

3. When you were used to playing together but he suddenly got older and moved on:

4. When your chore was to clean the entire house but your brother only had to take out the trash:


5. When he asked for a bite of your food and then ate the whole damn thing:

6. And then continued to raid the fridge for every last bit of food:

7. When you snuck up on him to attack and then had to run away as fast you could:

8. And then when he would get back at you by locking you out of the house:

9. When you knew you were the favorite child and rubbed it in his face:

10. When he would get in trouble with your parents and you would just sit back and enjoy the show:

11. When you snuck into his room when he wasn't there and stole something:

12. When you got in trouble for something your brother did:

13. When he got his drivers license and you had no choice but suck up to him in order to ask him to drive you somewhere:

14. When your friends would come over and talk about how cute your brother was and you would die a little inside:

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15. When your parents went out and left your older brother in charge of you:

16. When you were snooping through his things and heard him come home:

17. When your brother brought over a new friend and he was super cute:

18. When you were trying to leave to go on a date, but your brother wouldn't stop interrogating you about it:

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19. And finally, when you couldn't help but love him no matter what he's done to you over the years:

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