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22 Things Everyone Who Hates Being Touched Needs People To Know

My personal bubble is the size of a country.

1. Every time someone goes in for a hug, your body is just like "I reject this."

2. You are drawn to accessories that discourage touching of any kind.

3. And you legitimately relate to cactuses on every level imaginable.

4. You feel like cats just *get* you.

5. And over the years you've developed escape routes for when people touch you.


This is literally how people greet one another in hell.

6. It's OK for people to touch your bare skin...if they want to die.

7. And trying to make it through school with teachers who thought they could touch shoulders was such a struggle.

8. You really wonder why it is that people feel the need to touch body art.

9. You know it's possible to be both perfectly happy and loving AND just not want to be touched.

10. Concerts and big parties are your personal nightmare.

11. Even someone's words touching your ears is a little much, tbh.

12. If someone HAS to hug you, they'd better make it brief.

13. You could write an entire guide on why people should literally NEVER touch you.

14. You know the pain of loving an affectionate person.

15. You have definite rules about personal space in public.

16. Your favorite kind of cuddling is the kind where there is no cuddling.

17. Your go-to look is "unapproachable."

18. You know the worst part of any relationship is sharing a bed.

19. You do not understand why people at the gym feel the need to get close to sweaty strangers.

20. If someone tries to flirt with you by getting too close, you shut it down immediately.

21. There is nothing more annoying to you than posing for a picture and hearing "GET CLOSER."

22. And, above all else, you think tickling should be illegal.