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    35 Very Real Reasons For Cancelling Your Plans

    Because bread.

    1. Because Netflix just uploaded new episodes of Property Brothers.

    2. Because it *might* rain.

    3. Because you might get goosebumps, and no one likes getting goosebumps.

    4. Because you might have to go #2 and you don't want to do that in a public restroom.

    5. Because you might run into someone you went to high school with.

    6. Because you might see a spider.

    7. Because bread.

    8. Because someone might say "all righty" to you.

    9. Because you might step in gum.

    10. Because sweatpants.

    11. Because you have gas.

    12. Because you ate too much.

    13. Because you have a pimple.

    14. Because you want to watch dog Vines.

    15. Because showering takes time.

    16. Because you've seen the Harry Potter movies only 57 times.

    17. Because you already left the house once today.

    18. Because money.

    19. Because you might have to walk behind someone who walks slowly.

    20. Because your Uber driver might tell you their life story and almost run a red light.

    21. Because someone might refer to you as "honey."

    22. Because someone might bump into you and spill your drink.

    23. Because you might get stuck behind someone who can't decide what kind of drink they want to order.

    24. Because you might have to stand in line.

    25. Because you might witness someone chewing with their mouth full.

    26. Because you might get food stuck in your teeth and no one will tell you.

    27. Because you might have to see PDA.

    28. Because someone might force you to bar-hop.

    29. Because someone might try to take a picture and use a flash and you won't be able to see for five minutes straight.

    30. Because you might step in dog poop.

    31. Because you might get crop-dusted.

    32. Because someone might try and show you a picture of their baby.

    33. Because someone might try and hug you.

    34. Because someone might use the term "LOL" in everyday conversation.

    35. Because you want to.