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17 Dogs Who Made A Huge Mistake


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1. This dog who just wanted a snack.

Reddit user: iBleedfororange / Via

2. This dog who is really regretting their decision.

@hercules_the_amstaff / Via Instagram: @hercules_the_amstaff

3. This dog who hasn't looked in a mirror yet.

@biambidos / Via

4. This dog who really hates life right now.

Reddit user: QuickGonzalez / Via

5. This dog who just wants this day to be over.

@thebassethoundtown / Via

6. This dog who needs a lonnngggg nap.

Reddit user: esteroid / Via

7. This dog who really doesn't appreciate pictures right now.

Imgur user: ofcoursetorey / Via

8. This dog who just wants a vacation.

Imgur user: MizTasty / Via

9. This dog who knows they messed up.

Imgur user: LobsterNipples / Via

10. This dog who would really like to be left alone.

@willybeanscrandel / Via

11. This dog who prefers to stay indoors from now on.

Imgur user: LobsterNipples / Via

12. And this dog who does not deserve this.

Imgur user: MatthewMcConaugHEYYY / Via

13. This dog who just wanted some dessert.

Imgur user: Gregoyles / Via

14. This dog who has really learned their lesson.

Reddit user: skyline_kid / Via

15. This dog who currently hates their life.

Imgur user: Gregoyles / Via

16. This dog who won't let a sting get them down.

Imgur user: Gregoyles / Via

17. And this dog who has had enough.

Reddit user: bounty10 / Via

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