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21 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices

For everyone who is having a ruff day.

1. This dog who really wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence:


2. This dog who really wanted to avoid bath time, but now has no way out:

3. This dog who tried to avoid a Roomba, and ended up getting stuck in the same room as it:

4. This dog who overestimated its ability to jump:

5. This dog who went after a leaf blower:

6. This dog who ate things it wasn't supposed to eat:


7. This dog who went down a water slide:


8. This dog who didn't think this through at all:


9. This dog who was just trying to play on the playground:


10. This dog who didn't use the door handle:


11. This dog who suddenly realized it's scared of heights:


12. This dog who didn't realize hammocks have holes in them:


13. This dog who realized it was only a salad:


14. This dog who ate bees:

15. This dog who thought it was a raccoon:

16. This dog who stuck its head where it wasn't supposed to be:

17. This dog who wanted to make a point:

18. This dog who didn't understand how pillows work:

19. This dog who didn't notice his bed, two inches away:

20. This dog who pooped on the carpet, again:

21. And this dog who found a new bed:

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