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24 Times Disney Princesses Described What It's Like To Not Be A People Person

Stay the Belle away from me.

1. When you arrive at work and try to be super quiet so no one will notice you and start a conversation:

2. When you go outside and don't see any people:

3. When you're more excited to see a dog than you are to see a human:

4. When you find someone who hates people as much as you do:

5. When you use your car horn then wave at the car as you pass them by:

6. When you're at a party and spend all your time eating instead of socializing:

7. When you told yourself you were gonna be nice to people today and it's only 9 a.m. and you're over it:

8. When someone tries to call you on the phone:

9. When you get to spend an entire day alone, away from people:

10. When you see someone you have avoided for years and they wanna catch up:

11. When you're sitting alone during lunch and someone asks if they can join you:

12. When your best friend invites you to their party and you know there's no way you can get out of going:

13. When you tell someone they're being annoying AF and they think you're joking but you weren't:

14. When you really, really wanna hit someone but you're trying to play it cool:

15. When someone asks you how your weekend was:

16. When you really, really don't want to talk to anyone so you hide in the bushes until they're gone:

17. When you're your favorite person in the world:

18. When someone says something dumb and you can't hide your emotions:

19. When someone cancels plans and you are thrilled but try to act bummed:

20. When you get on Facebook for five minutes and the status updates cause you physical pain:

21. When you're on the elevator alone and see other people coming so you try to close the doors as fast as possible:

22. When you pray to a higher power and ask why everyone isn't as smart and cool as you are:

23. When you meet someone that you don't instantly hate:

24. And, finally, when you've just had ENOUGH of people for a while: