An Ode to Dean Thomas, Harry Potter's Most Underrated Character

    We all would like to polish his wand.

    This is Alfie Enoch, AKA Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies.

    He was a minor character in the movies but a MAJOR character in our hearts.

    Basically, Dean Thomas was the most underrated babe at Hogwarts OF.ALL.TIME. Here's why:

    First of all, he can dance. Which is charming as f*ck.

    And he will even dance with his friends so they don't feel left out. What.A.Babe.

    Also, he laughs. A lot. And his laugh is incredibly adorable.

    And he shows true hot, steamy, fiery passion.

    See what I mean? Ron WHO??

    He is part of one of the most magical bromances in the history of bromances.

    And he's romantic as f*ck. Just look at him HOLDING GINNY'S HAND.

    Can't say we were upset when this ended. BYE GINNY.

    Who even knew it was possible to look this good while drinking tea?

    And he's never afraid to throw shade at questionable people like LORD VOLDEMORT.

    He always had fellow Gryffindor's backs. Always.

    And he might be half-muggle but he's FULL BABE.

    Dean was a part of the D.A. aka Dumbledore's Army in The Order of the Phoenix. +100000 points

    And I think we all remember when he was captured by Deatheaters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and then ESCAPED.

    And then immediately joined the fight in the final battle against Lord Voldemort, which is kind of a big deal.

    Dean Thomas is never opposed to taking pictures with muggles.

    And he will even mug with muggles, too.

    In conclusion, Dean Thomas is EVERYTHING.

    Just look at those dimples.

    That smile.

    That gaze.

    I think we can all agree that Dean Thomas is the real Chosen One.