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Posted on Jan 22, 2015

18 Things Everyone Who Peaked After High School Will Understand

But the truth is, you've been cool all along.

1. You couldn't be paid a million dollars to go through high school again.

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Maybe 2 million.

2. Unless, of course, you could go back as the person you are now.

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3. You try to avoid running into anyone you went to high school with.

4. It makes you laugh when people who barely knew your name in high school now try to add you on Facebook.

5. And of course, when those who never looked twice at you in high school now want to date you, you wonder if they slept through the four years of classes you shared together.

6. You have considered attending your high school reunion for the sole purpose of being able to show off your success.

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At least you're honest about it!

7. But when you go to your class reunion, you spend the entire time wondering why.

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Never. Again.

8. People who you went to high school with often comment on how different you are present day.

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And the people telling you that you're different are still the same.

9. But you're just like, "Nah, I've been this cool all along, you just didn't see it."

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**** drops mic ****

10. You sometimes still find yourself staring at the ground when you pass a group of cool kids before you remember that you aren't 16 anymore.

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Look straight at them and consider them your equal.

11. You're still genuinely surprised when people seek you out now, because in high school most people didn't even know your name.

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PSA: High school teens rarely recognize the greatest people.

12. But you eventually learned that just because someone doesn't recognize your greatness, it doesn't mean you aren't great.

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Started out great, and we're still here.

13. Because of high school, you have always had a strong determination for life.

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Because it can only go up from high school, amirite?

14. You sometimes wish you could go back in time and tell yourself it's gonna be OK.


Because it turned out just fine.

15. You often feel like high school was AGES ago because everything is different now.

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Did high school really even happen?

16. And because you now know that nothing in high school really mattered.

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That honor roll took me so far...

17. You always felt like your life truly began the day you graduated from high school.

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18. But you know that your experience in high school made you who you are today...


...and who you are is pretty damn great.

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