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    Updated on Jan 2, 2019. Posted on Feb 12, 2018

    18 Words You Won't Understand Unless You're In Your 20s

    Hangover in your 20s: Literal death. (No, this is not dramatic. It is death.)

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    1. Vodka

    @_tracy_ellen_serafin_ / Via

    College — The clear alcohol you took many shots of in the dorms.

    20s — Clear liquid that you would never dare touch because it’s poison.

    2. Hangover

    @drgrayfang / Via

    College — A headache that goes away after you eat some waffles in the cafeteria.

    20s — Literal death. (No, this is not dramatic. It is death.)

    3. Microwave

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    College — The thing you use to make, like, 73% of your meals.

    20s — The thing that, when you use it to make a meal, gives you diarrhea.

    4. Student loans

    @benoo_brown / Via Twitter: @benoo_brown

    College — A sum of money you received every semester that felt like, well, free money.

    20s — A sum of money that you're pretty sure you'll never pay off.

    5. Stress

    @cookie_memster / Via

    College — The not so great feeling of trying to finish that 10-page paper by midnight.

    20s — The not so great feeling of trying to pay off your student loans while also paying your rent while also trying to figure out your 401k while also figuring out how you’re going to get health insurance.

    6. Nap

    @sahira6720 / Via

    College — Something you do pretty much every day in between classes.

    20s — Something that makes you wonder where you are after you accidentally fell asleep at 7 p.m. on your couch and wake up at 3 a.m.

    7. Class

    FOX / Via

    College — You know, that thing you *maybe* went to during the week.

    20s — A yoga class, kick-boxing class, or maybe one of those nice wine & painting classes that you're attending because your friend whose doing financially better than you are brought you as their +1.

    8. Exam

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    College — A test usually taken in one of those little blue books.

    20s — Usually used in the sentence, “Oh, shoot. I can’t make lunch that day — my eye exam is scheduled then.”

    9. Summer

    Facebook: BuzzfeedCommunity / Via Facebook: BuzzfeedCommunity

    College — The 3-4 months a year when you had basically nothing to do but binge-watch Chopped on a Monday.

    20s — The 3-4 months a year when you’re sweating a lot more but still working just as much and not getting to watch Chopped all day on a Monday unless you use PTO.

    10. Wine

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    College — Only earth’s finest: Franzia.

    20s — We're adults a nice $6 bottle of wine from TJ’s will do the trick.

    11. Bar

    Twitter: @tanyeo_

    College — A place with sticky floors that smells like sweet, sweet Natty Ice.

    20s — A place you go to chill with your friends after work and, you know, maybe play a game of trivia.

    12. Restaurant

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    College — The closest “nice” food establishment where you dress up, eat some food, and then have awkward conversations about how much everyone is paying.

    20s — A place with a wine list where you often say, “Yeah, we all got similar things, let’s just split the check.”

    13. Thursday night

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    College — The night you dress up all nice and drink really, really heavily with all your friends because you only have, like, one class on Friday.

    20s — The night you put on your sweats and drink a bunch of wine while watching Top Chef because how the hell is it only Thursday??

    14. Facebook

    @moist_pencil / Via

    College — A place to update everyone what you’re doing in the library on a Thursday night, or where you upload pictures from the previous weekend.

    20s — A place to to see who’s gotten engaged.

    15. Moisturize

    @chicveganbones / Via Twitter: @chicveganbones

    College — That thing your mom is always telling you to do.

    20s — That thing you fervently do because you regret not listening to your mom and now you have SO MUCH AGE to attempt to reverse.

    16. Reunion

    @laradockery / Via

    College — That time every winter break and summer break where you get to hangout with all your high school friends.

    20s — That thing that never happens because no one lives in the same state anymore.

    17. Senior

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    College — The year of school you just drink...and drink.

    20s — The age you wish you were right now so you could just play card games and not think about any responsibilities.

    18. Homework

    @itsangiewhyyy / Via Twitter

    College — Assignments you have to complete to, you know, graduate.

    20s — Lol, I don’t know that word.

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