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19 Ridiculously Funny Church Signs

"Stop drop and roll won't work in hell."

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1. This sign basically saying what we're all thinking:

2. This sign after too much rain:

3. This sign that's simply asking for common decency:

4. This sign that definitely has its priorities in order:


5. This sign making you question everything you know:

6. This clever sign that will outsmart you:

7. This sign giving you options:

8. This sign rewriting children's stories:


9. This sign making good use of puns:

10. This sign that is definitely challenging you to keep your mind out of the gutter:

11. This sign pointing out facts:

12. This sign channeling its inner MTV:


13. This sign that...well, we don't even know:

14. This sign that is definitely PG:

15. This sign giving credit where credit is due:

16. This sign appealing to everyone's sweet tooth:


17. This sign that knows just what to say on a hot day:

18. This church sign???????

19. And this sign letting you know how to slide into God's DMs: