22 Things You'll Understand If You're The Friend Who Doesn't Drink

    Cheers to water.

    1. Sometimes you wish you could tattoo "I don't drink" on your forehead so you wouldn't have to explain yourself 38 times in one night.

    2. You've mastered the whole "hold this drink so it looks like I'm drinking but I'm not" picture.

    3. And as far as fitting in at parties or in bars, you're a damn professional.

    4. Your doctors pretty much never believe you when you tell them you don't drink.

    5. You know that you have just as much fun without alcohol as some of your friends do with it.

    6. You make up your own drinking games and tbh they're more fun than any of the other ones.

    7. You feel bad when people come over and you have no drinks in your house to offer them.

    8. Because you don't drink, you've automatically become the "mom" of your friend group.

    9. Which means you're always the one trying to get your friends under control when they drink.

    10. And when it comes time to get everyone home, you're ALWAYS the DD.

    11. You've started to get creative with your responses when people ask you if you drink.

    12. You're very good at getting creative with your Snapchat stories.

    13. You've learned to appreciate the fine art of drinking soda.

    14. And you feel lucky knowing that if you text your ex, it will be because you actually really needed to talk to them.

    15. Because you rarely ever drink, you're a lightweight, and on the rare occasion that you do drink you're down and out before you know it.

    16. But you still can't figure out how anyone could think being a lightweight is a bad thing.

    17. You are, hands down, the best at pretending to be interested in going out with your friends to a bar.

    18. But just because you don't want to go to a bar, doesn't mean you don't know how to "turn up."

    19. You get a different kind of "crazy" on the weekends.

    20. And you celebrate your birthday the old-fashioned way...with cake.

    21. Just because alcohol isn't your weakness, that doesn't mean you don't have others.

    22. And basically, it's not that you're against drinking, it's just not for you...and that's fine.