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Goth Ice Cream Is Now A Thing And You’ll Probably Want Some

Goth AF.

Attention people with dark souls and people without, the thing you never knew you always wanted has finally arrived. That's right — black ice cream is a thing.

LA-based ice cream shop Little Damage is now serving up charcoal ice cream and it is goth AF.

The official flavor is almond charcoal and the black color actually comes from activated charcoal.

The almond charcoal flavor is also available IN CONES!

You can get a lot of toppings on the black ice cream as well... if color is more your ~thing.~

Or you can be true to your heart and soul and get the charcoal ice cream and the charcoal cone.

  1. so, would you eat this?

    so, would you eat this?

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so, would you eat this?
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h/t someecards