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Dear Men Of America, It's Too Cold To Wear Shorts

Please buy some pants.

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There is a plague spreading throughout America that is deadlier than any disease known to man.

greasefernie / Via

It's literally everywhere.

mbauby / Via

It's in our schools...

marooncords / Via

...outside of our homes...

georgem40 / Via

...and on vacations.

AdrianNottens / Via

It's even present from the comfort of our own cars.

ashleighdurden / Via

It's men wearing shorts, and it's just too fucking cold for that!

sawyeranthony / Via

It doesn't make any sense??? Aren't your legs freezing???

jacynthaeyes / Via

Luckily, we have the cure! American men, say hello to pants!

They're warm, comforting, AND practical.

khaled_teftafeh / Via

If you could put on a hat, gloves, AND A COAT, then the least you could do is throw on a pair of pants.

_fatti / Via

We're worried about you.

eggwhisks / Via


brad_gustafson / Via's not that difficult.

lgyimesi / Via

Even sweatpants will do.

Cash Money

This is for your own good.

pickles_theawkwarddog / Via

Please, buy some pants. You'll thank us later.

manchic / Via

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