Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With Eyebrow Lamination — And After Trying It, We Can Completely See Why

    We got to the bottom of this brow trend.

    If you're anything like us, then you've probably noticed that Brow Lamination — a temporary eyebrow treatment — has been BLOWING UP on TikTok. So, like the detectives that we are, we went and got our own brows laminated to give you all the info you need about the trending treatment. (And we have before and after pictures too!)

    A screencap of the term 'brow lamination' on TikTok showcasing 1.1B views

    Although the brow lamination treatment isn't new, it has recently become increasingly popular on TikTok (as you can see based on the hashtag below) and has reignited a lot of people's interests. Brow Lamination — according to Perfect Frame, an eyebrow microblading studio — is a semipermanent, noninvasive procedure that temporarily adjusts the direction of the natural brow pattern for a fuller and fluffier stylistic appearance. Think of it sort of like a perm, but for your eyebrows!

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    The act of brow lamination involves several steps, which include styling the hair in the desired direction, laminating them with gentle solutions, and treating the hair with a hydrating formula. We will outline these steps a little more in-depth below! Brow lamination does not impact the color of your brows, but the treatment can be safely coupled with a brow tint for a darker appearance. And the actual treatment should not cause any discomfort.

    So, after conducting some research about brow lamination in the area of Los Angeles, we came upon Perfect Frame. This eyebrow studio, located in downtown Los Angeles, specializes in both eyebrow microblading AND lamination (and also had incredible reviews!), so we immediately reached out.

    A picture of the front desk at Perfect Frame Studios in downtown Los Angeles

    The space is so cute, BTW!

    An image of the procedure bed in the Perfect Frame studio in downtown Los Angeles

    A little about us before we get into the procedure: Neither of us do regular upkeep on our eyebrows, and neither of us had ever had brow lamination performed before. Lara identifies as having 'normal' skin while Crystal identifies more with having 'sensitive' skin.

    Crystal and Lara standing and posing in front of the "Perfect Frame" sign in the studio before their appointment

    So, without further ado, let's get into it!

    This is what the brow lamination setup looked like right before we began:

    A top-down shot of the lamination accessory table with eyebrow wands and solution

    The whole process took around 30 minutes or less for each of us, and we'll detail each step below.

    First up, the artist uses an alcohol wipe to help prep and disinfect the treatment area. This step also removes excess oil and build up from the hairs, which allows the brows to absorb product better.

    Next the artist applies the lifting solution — this helps to break down the proteins in the hair and redirects how they lay.

    Next up we have what's referred to as "cling film" — this helps with trapping the heat from the skin to amplify and activate the effects of the solution.

    This part showcases the setting solution — this helps to restore the proteins back into the hair, giving its new form and directional flow.

    Then a nourishing setting solution is added, which helps restore the proteins back into the hair, giving its new form and directional flow. This is followed by the peel off for the final result!

    Here's Lara's brows before (with nothing on them):

    A close-up of Lara's brows before

    And here's another angle for good measure:

    A close-up of Lara's brows before

    And here's Lara's eyebrows after:

    A close-up of Lara's brows after the procedure

    And another angle of Lara's after for good measure:

    Close-up of Lara's eyebrows after treatment

    And a side-by-side for extra good measure:

    Lara's before picture up close of her eyebrows

    Next, it was Crystal's turn! As mentioned earlier, Crystal has eczema. The first step for her was a quick patch test to make sure the treatment wouldn't irritate her skin.

    A shot of the brow artist performing a patch test on Crystal's forearm

    After several minutes of no reaction or burning sensation of any kind, Crystal was good to go!

    A close-up of Crystal's brows during the treatment

    And the same process was repeated for Crystal (so we won't bore you with more GIFs of the same steps!).

    Here's a close-up of Crystal's eyebrows before:

    A close-up of Crystal's eyebrows before

    And a side shot of Crystal's before for good measure:

    Crystal's before brows

    And here's Crystal's eyebrows after the lamination treatment:

    A close-up of Crystal's eyebrows after the lamination

    Crystal's brows after, side angle version:

    A close-up of Crystal's eyebrows after the lamination

    And who doesn't love a side-by-side?

    Up close shot of Crystal's before and after eyebrows

    Quick note about aftercare: We were told by the team at Perfect Frame not to get our brows wet for 48 hours (which, TBH, was a bit difficult when washing our faces/showering/etc., but for the sake of our very cute brows, we did it!!).

    TL;DR: Did we like getting out brows laminated? Yes!!! We did.

    Editor's Note: Perfect Frame provided this treatment to us both for free in exchange for coverage, but our review of the treatment is honest and in no way impacted by this.