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21 Tweets About Having Braces That Are Way Too Real

Brace. Face.

1. When you're faced with this awful decision and have no idea what to do:

this is the hardest decision ever when you have braces

2. When you've had braces for so long you can't even remember how long:

when you forget when you got braces so you have to ask your bestfriend 😂😂 @mayuhthepigeon

3. When you mourn for your past life:

When you have braces and can't eat any of this goodies!!!

4. When you are absolutely desperate and can't take it anymore:

When you have braces but want to watch twaimz's new youtube video @twaimz

5. When you learned how to pose in selfies to hide your mouth:

When you have braces and you cover that ugly smile with the phone

6. When you make the mistake of eating something like spinach:

when you eat spinach and you have braces

7. When you have to take precautions anywhere you go:

8. When you get too excited about getting your braces off but try to keep it cool:

When you're too excited to have your braces off but you trynna act cool. 😎

9. When you have a new best friend:

BestFriend When You Have Braces 😭😭🙌🏽🙌🏽

10. When you just really want some corn:

When you have braces but you want corn

11. When you get really good at smiling with your lips:

When you have braces and you try to smile without showing your teeth HAHAHA

12. When you think you're on the up-and-up:

When you're finally pain free from braces but still have to wear a retainer

13. When you get the rubber bands and lose your mind:

When you have to start wearing rubber bands for your braces

14. When you aren't messing around anymore and get serious:

when you're getting your braces off soon and you have no time for games and all you have to do is wear these

15. When you really want an apple but also don't want to be in trouble:

When you have braces but you're still trying to keep the doctor away.

16. When you experience real pain and become an adult:

17. When your own mouth is attacking you and you feel personally victimized:

18. When you're positive you will find little rubber bands in your house until the day you die:

I got my braces off over a year ago and I'm still finding these😂😭

19. When the mere sight of this gives you the chills:

20. When your orthodontist is the meanest person you've ever known:

Ortho: "your teeth are perfect but let's wait a couple of months before your braces come off" Me:

21. And the flashbacks you get when someone says they wish they had braces:

"omg i want braces so bad theyre so cute" #growingupwithbraces