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Ben & Jerry's Has A New Line Of "Healthy" Ice Creams And We Tried 'Em All

Spoiler alert: They are good.

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The new stuff is called Moo-Phoria and it comes in three flavors: Chocolate Milk and Cookies, P.B. Dough, and Caramel Cookie Fix.

Ben & Jerry's

According to Ben & Jerry's, Moo-phoria has fewer calories, 60–70% less fat, and less sugar than regular ice cream.

First up, we tried the Chocolate Milk and Cookies, which is a chocolate and vanilla light ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies:


Pablo's thoughts: I'm all for a "healthy" option, but I assumed this would just be watered-down ice cream. It isn't. I absolutely loved this flavor and think the chocolate chip cookies are the perfect complement to the chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I'm eating the entire pint.

Lara's thoughts: I meannnn, this is very good. It doesn't taste "healthy," most likely because I'm pretty sure it actually isn't. But the addition of the chocolate chip into the actual ice cream was a win for me. Would eat again.


Next, we tried P.B. Dough, which is a chocolate light ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough:


Pablo's thoughts: If you know me (which you don't), you would know that I'm not HUGE on chocolate ice cream, but this was actually pretty tasty. It definitely tastes better when you get that gob of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream mixed in one bite, but from what I noticed, there weren't as many gobs as I, a human gob, would have liked!

Lara's thoughts: This is good. But I definitely wanted more little bites of the cookie dough. I guess when you're cutting calories you can't have it all.

Andddd finally, we tried the Caramel Cookie Fix, which is vanilla light ice cream with shortbread cookies and a salted caramel swirl:


Pablo's thoughts: I know these don't have artificial sugar substitutes, but I swear I can taste it? This flavor, while still tasty in its own way, was my least favorite of the bunch. The vanilla tastes a little more like knockoff vanilla, so I think I'll stick to a regular Ben & Jerry's pint over this one.

Lara's thoughts: This one was the only flavor that tasted "healthy-ish" to me in that it tasted like it had fake sugars and wasn't as satisfying as I wanted. That being said, it was still very sugary and if I was going through a breakup I would definitely eat the whole pint.

Overall, we feel like these were good, but our favorite was definitely the Chocolate Milk and Cookies. These are definitely worth trying if you're looking for a Ben & Jerry's option with fewer calories and fat.