There’s A Beach In South Africa With Penguins

And you can hang out with them.

1. There aren’t many places in the world where you can get up close and personal with penguins, swim near them, and frolic in the sun with them.


2. But at Boulders Beach you can! It is located just outside of Simon’s Town in South Africa.

Flickr: fanz / Creative Commons

3. The water in the area is perfect for swimming, and the big boulders around the sandy beach provide areas of shade and shelter.


4. The large boulders shelter the cove from large waves and strong currents making it safe for all ages.


5. The penguins have been known to share beach towels and dart between legs while visitors take a dip in the ocean.

Flickr: niniches / Creative Commons

6. The park is also home to various other birds and small mammals. You may also see whales, seals, sharks, and dolphins in the bay.


7. Boulders Beach is part of the Table Mountain National Park and the entrance fee goes toward conservation of the endangered African penguins that call the beach home.


8. This is quite possibly one of the best beaches to ever exist.


9. The penguins are waiting for you.


10. So are we leaving now or later?



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