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Nov 6, 2014

21 Awkward Moments That Only People With Unique Names Will Understand

Hi, who's calling? It's L. Yeah, just L.

1. When someone wishes you a happy birthday on Facebook but spells your name wrong.

20th Century Fox

My name is literally two inches above your mouse. TWO INCHES.

2. When you correct someone's mispronunciation and they STILL say it wrong.

NBC / Via

So you just give up, basically.

3. And trying to order coffee from a coffee shop and not knowing if your order is ready or not.

4. When Coke starts their cute little name campaign and you're just like "oh."

5. When people ask why your name is spelled a certain way.

Bravo / Via


6. When you want a cute souvenir to take home from your vacation and can't find a damn thing with your name on it.

7. When you have to introduce yourself to people and then immediately break down your name into phonics to save yourself time later.


So it's LORA? ... Sure. We'll go with that, sure.

8. When phones refuse to recognize your name as a word.

9. And when people think you just had a typo when you tell them your name over text.

10. When you're on a date with someone and they mispronounce your name... over and over again.

Oxygen / Via

I think we're done here. :/

11. When you're trying to finish up your term paper but Microsoft Word won't stop underlining your name.

12. When you get recognized for something to receive an award and your name is misspelled.

13. When you meet someone who spells their name the same way that you do, but pronounces it completely differently.



14. When you get an email addressed to some name that CERTAINLY isn't yours.

15. When the only thing you can find about your name's meaning is on Urban Dictionary.

16. When someone asks you to put your name on a name tag.

17. And then people stare at your name tag for minutes at a time trying to figure out what it says.

18. When you have to call someone you don't know and introduce yourself over the phone.

19. When your name isn't spelled right on important documents so you have to prove your identity.

20. When someone approaches you, but they say your name wrong, so you're not sure if they're trying to talk to you or not.

20th Century Fox

Sorry, are you talking to me... or...?

21. And when your own family mispronounces your name.


Hey Aunt Lisa, it's actually pronounced "Kir-sten." LOL!

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