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23 Awkward Moments Every Tall Person Has Experienced

When you try to fit in an airplane seat.

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1. When you're trying to walk and you run into the ceiling.

LOL WHOOPS, casually just hitting my head on the ceiling.

2. When you try to take a shower at a friend's house, and you don't fit.

Didn't wanna wash my hair anyway.

3. When you're stuck standing next to the short people during a presentation, and end up looking like a giant.

I'm not too TALL, they're just too SHORT.

4. When you try to embrace new fashion trends, and fail.


5. When you try to take a mirror pic and have to spend five minutes trying to fit your entire body in the shot.

:: Sends to 193 people to make all your effort worth it. ::

6. When you try to walk through a door and hit your head on the frame and have to pretend it didn't hurt like hell.


7. When you try to look at yourself in the restroom mirror and can't see your face.

LoOkIng GoOd.

8. When your pants are constantly high-waters no matter what kind you're wearing.

My ankles didn't want to be covered anyway...

9. When you're trying to get warm by grabbing a blanket and it won't cover your whole body so everyone can see your feet.

:: feet start to shiver ::

10. When you try to fit in an airplane seat without having to rearrange several times.

LOL this should be a fun three hours.

11. And, of course, when you try to use an airplane bathroom without smacking your head.


12. When you try to use a public bathroom without making eye contact with everyone else in the bathroom.

Oh heyyyy, don't mind me, just casually peeing.

13. When you try to be cute and take a bubble bath, only to find out that you don't fit.

No, yeah, it's fine, totally comfortable.

14. When you try to pose for a new Instagram picture, and your head gets cut off.

No filter is going to fix this.

15. When you're staying somewhere, and they only have a twin-sized bed.


Jk, no I can't.

16. When you're feeling really parched and want to drink out of a water fountain, but can't do so unless you're practically lying down.

Constantly dehydrated.

17. When you try to hug someone who is shorter than you and end up smothering them in your chest.

Hugging someone who is shorter than you AKA everyone to ever exist.

18. And when you go to the beach with one towel only to realize it's long enough for half your stomach.

This one towel is great!! If I want 75% of my body to be on the sand...

19. When you offer to drive, but someone is sitting behind you.

OK, I can drive as long as I don't have to move my legs AT ALL.

20. When you want to take a cute picture, but your friend is shorter than you.


21. When you're minding your own business, walking through a restaurant, and you run into a lamp.

LOL WHOOPS NOT AGAIN. :: starts to cry ::

22. When you try to fit in the backseat of a car without a wardrobe malfunction.

Yeah no, it's fine, don't move your seat up. I'm fine.

23. And when someone tells you that you're REALLY tall.


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