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23 Awkward Moments Every Curvy Girl Knows Too Well

When your butt literally rips your pants.

1. When you're in a store and their "One Size Fits Most" doesn't fit you.

2. When you're trying to wear a dress and it slowly creeps up your body as you walk.



3. When you're trying to wear pants and the butt gap is so big that a baby sloth could comfortably fit in there.

4. When you really want to wear some cute pants but they don't fit you right, so you do the hair tie trick.

5. When you're casually walking somewhere, and your thigh rub causes holes in your jeans.

6. When you wear something formfitting and it automatically becomes NSFW.

7. When you try to get on the high-waisted short trend and your butt isn't having it.

8. When you're forced to wear a regular bra because a strapless bra just won't cut it.

9. When you have to buy Gold Bond along with your cute new summer dress for your summer chafing.

10. When you try to wear a cute dress, but have to wear a T-shirt underneath to make it SFW.

11. When you try to wear a dress and it won't fit over your butt.

12. When your butt literally rips your pants.

13. When it takes you 15 minutes to get your jeans on.

14. When you don't have anywhere else to store your stuff so you stick it in your boob shelf.

15. When you have to spend more money to get something that ACTUALLY fits.

16. When your non-curvy friends complain about feeling curvy and you're like, "GIRL."

I'm sitting right here.

17. When you're trying to wear a casual button-up shirt, and it pops open.

18. When the girl on the Spanx box isn't even curvy.

19. When you're trying to run and your thighs won't stop cheering you on.

20. When you think a shirt is really cute until you realize it's not even a shirt.



21. When you hit up a big sale and there's nothing above an XS.

22. When a "curvy girl" song comes on and everyone looks at you.

23. And that moment when people expect you to dislike your body, but you love every single inch of it.