Are You Ready To Graduate College?

Cap and gown? More like nap and frown.

    1. 1 You take a nap every day.
    2. 2 You take a nap at least three times a week.
    3. 3 You are able to function without a nap.
    4. 4 You have fallen asleep in one of your classes recently.
    5. 5 You have skipped one of your classes recently because you didn’t feel like going.
    6. 6 You have stopped pretending to care about class.
    7. 7 You have questioned what you are going to do with your life.
    8. 8 You have wondered how anyone knows what they are going to do with their life.
    9. 9 You have wondered if life pretty much sucks forever after college.
    10. 10 You have wondered where the last four years went.
    11. 11 You have wondered why anyone is excited to graduate.
    12. 12 You have wondered how anyone ISN’T excited to graduate.
    13. 13 You have looked at freshmen and wondered why they looked so tiny.
    14. 14 You want to scream at the next person who asks you what your plan after college is.
    15. 15 You want to scream in general.
    16. 16 You have thought about what it takes to become an adult.
    17. 17 You have thought about learning how to cook.
    18. 18 You have wondered how long you can live on a diet of pizza and Easy Mac.
    19. 19 You have wondered why you would want to eat anything other than pizza and Easy Mac.
    20. 20 You have considered going to bed at a normal time.
    21. 21 You have thought about watching less Netflix and reading more.
    22. 22 You have briefly thought about finances.
    23. 23 You have mastered the art of pretending to have your shit together.
    24. 24 You have wondered if anyone actually likes their job.
    25. 25 You have recently looked at college juniors with extreme envy.
    26. 26 You have wondered why you ever actually paid for a textbook.
    27. 27 You are a pro when it comes to writing papers in less than two hours.
    28. 28 You find house parties to be annoying.
    29. 29 You don’t remember how to study.
    30. 30 You cannot imagine not being able to wear sweatpants almost every day.
    31. 31 You own business attire.
    32. 32 You are capable of waking up before 8 a.m. and still functioning.
    33. 33 You go out more than three times during the week.
    34. 34 You have moved on from cheap beer and boxed wine.
    35. 35 You are ready and able to make new friends.
    36. 36 You are capable of being around someone you are attracted to without trying to hook up with them.
    37. 37 And you are ready to date instead of staying out until you make out.
    38. 38 You are ready to start buying toilet paper instead of just stealing it from the bathrooms on campus.
    39. 39 You have ordered your cap and gown.
    40. 40 You have questioned who the hell even came up with the design for caps and gowns.
    41. 41 You have thought about applying for jobs.
    42. 42 You have actually applied for jobs.
    43. 43 You can’t even remember how many jobs you have applied for.
    44. 44 You have wondered how anyone gets a job after college.
    45. 45 You have wondered how you’re supposed to gain experience if no one will hire you.
    46. 46 You have begun using LinkedIn.
    47. 47 You have written an actual cover letter.
    48. 48 You have changed your name and/or privacy settings on Facebook.
    49. 49 You have been to a job interview.
    50. 50 And you have entered a quarter-life crisis.

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