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For Everyone Who Still Has A Permanent Retainer Chilling In Their Mouth

Am I gonna die with this on... or?

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The time was the early to middle '00s. Braces were everywhere, kissing was dangerous, and corn on the cob was facing dark times ahead.


Most of us suffered through some sort of dental torture knowing that someday, we would come out on the other side braces- and retainer-free.

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But when we finally got to that moment...our orthodontists decided to throw us a major curveball and stuck a metal bar in our mouth and called it a "permanent retainer."

Ummm, what the hell? This isn't exactly what we signed up for.

@flirtationship / Via Twitter: @FIirtationship

Look, we get it. Perfect teeth don't just stay perfect. But what the hell is this bar in our mouth doing????

@carissa_lynagh / Via

Why do you insist on putting some sort of random metal bar in our mouth when we've already suffered through braces?!

@BrittanyRich1 / Via Twitter: @BrittanyRich1

And what exactly is the timeline for this metal bar in our mouth???

@tacoburrrito / Via Twitter: @tacoburrrito

Are we going to keep this on into our forties???

@hr_m15 // 20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @hr_m15

Is it going to be in our body when we die or until it breaks off after eating a caramel apple and we swallow it AND THEN die???

@godspeeing / Via Twitter: @godspeeing

So hey, orthodontists, what the hell are we doing with this thing in our mouth?

@dr_cickiewicz / Via

It's time for answers.

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