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42 Questions Every Girl Has In Victoria's Secret

Does this bra make me look like Adriana Lima?

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1. Oh my god, do I smell it already?

2. How can I get my entire house to smell like this?

3. Ugh, OK, I know these VS models are freaking beautiful and I love them but WHY do their perfect bodies have to greet me after I just went to Auntie Anne's?

4. How is everything so silky?

5. Woah, is that another new bra?

6. Should I try it on?

7. Wait, are all of those clothes on sale?

8. How much is an employee discount here?

9. Should I work here???

10. How am I supposed to carry all of this into the dressing room?


11. Why are all these men just standing around?

12. Did they just see the underwear I picked out that say "Naughty" on them?!??!

13. Wait... do I know my bra size?

14. Should I get measured again?

15. Are my boobs normal?

16. Does she think my boobs are normal?

17. Why is this dressing room nicer than my entire house?

18. Where do I even begin with everything I need to try on?

19. Does Adriana Lima use these dressing rooms?

20. Does this bra make me look like Adriana Lima?

21. Can I do yoga in these yoga pants?

22. HAHA JK, when will I ever do yoga???

23. Why does this bra cost more than my entire outfit?


25. Are these my real boobs?

26. How have I lived without this bra up until this point?

27. Can I wear this bra out of here?

28. Is 5/$27 underwear a good deal?

29. Do I even need new underwear?

30. How much time have I spent in here?

31. Is there a promotion on fragrances??

32. Is this my scent or is this my scent?

33. Oh god, did I spray too much?

34. Do I smell like a baby prostitute now?

35. Should I buy all of this?

36. Do I even need to ask myself that question?

37. Should I sign up for the Angel card?

38. Does Alessandra Ambrosio have an Angel card?

39. With this new stuff am I basically a Victoria's Secret Angel?

40. How much did she say I just spent???

41. Should I check online to make sure there isn't another sale?

42. Oh no... Do I have a problem? Oh well.