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    Here Are Our Thoughts On 17 Pumpkin Spice Products You Can Really Buy

    Pumpkin spice meat is my least favorite kind of meat.

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    1. Pumpkin spice deodorant

    Native Natural Deodorant / Via

    Farrah: I don't think this would be BAD?!?! I use a vanilla deodorant now and I feel like this is sort of similar. What I'm saying is, I would try it.

    Lara: Pumpkin spice is the type of flavor that makes you wanna hug puppies and smile at babies, not a flavor you want wafting from your armpit when you go to hug someone.

    Farrah: I'd welcome a little waft of pumpkin instead of B.O., tho!!!

    Pablo: Y'all can have fun smelling like the inside of a Michael's.

    2. Pumpkin spice alcohol

    Breckenridge Brewery / Via, Baileys / Via

    Farrah: I love that it's not just a pumpkin spice beer, but pumpkin spice LATTE beer.

    Lara: My stomach hurts just LOOKING at these. Fireball already exists, we didn't need another fall drink. But I mean, would I drink either of these if I was at a bonfire wearing a scarf? Probably.

    Pablo: I'd happily take shots of the Baileys and chase it with the pumpkin spice beer while shoveling an entire pumpkin up my...OK, I'll calm down.

    3. Pumpkin spice salmon

    PessimisticSky / Via

    Farrah: Someone took this too far.

    Lara: What the fuckkkkkkk. No. Salmon and pumpkin do not go together.

    Farrah: You know what, I'm curious. So, please tell me in the comments if you've tried this...interesting combination.

    Pablo: Love yourselves, humanity.

    4. Pumpkin spice salsa

    Trader Joe's / Via

    Farrah: OK so I've eaten salsa with pineapple in it and it was really great, so I feel like I'd eat a whole jar in one sitting.

    Lara: This is probably delicious and anyone who disagrees is just lying to themselves.

    Pablo: Sounds about white.

    5. Pumpkin spice cookie straws

    Starbucks / Via

    Farrah: This is probably so damn good with an iced pumpkin spiced latte. And then you can eat the straw when you're done! GENIUS.

    Lara: Wow, saving the environment and giving us sugar, we stan these "straws"!!!

    Pablo: Petition to replace all plastic products with cookies.

    6. Pumpkin spice sausage / Via

    Farrah: My first instinct is to go, "ew" but I bet it's actually really good.

    Lara: This is upsetting because I feel like it wouldn't taste good once dipped in ketchup and I don't know what the point of eating sausage is if you don't dip it in ketchup first.

    Pablo: Pumpkin spice meat is my least favorite kind of meat.

    7. Pumpkin spice lotion

    Desert Essence / Via, Bath & Body Works / Via

    Farrah: I'm not mad at it, but I think I would rather have this scent in a candle?

    Lara: Isn't lotion the reason pumpkin spice was created in the first place? This is the most acceptable on this list. Good job, lotion.

    Pablo: You ever smell the inside of an ACTUAL pumpkin? I'm good. It's cute tho.

    8. Pumpkin spice gum

    Farrah: I'll be honest here. I don't like cinnamon gum, so I probably wouldn't mess with this.

    Lara: This is probably delicious but SOME OF US have TMJ and can't chew gum so I guess I'll never know.

    Pablo: I too have TMJ but I'd let my jaw lock for this sweet, sweet gum.

    9. Pumpkin spice treats for dogs

    Greenies / Chewy / Via

    Farrah: I love that pumpkin spice isn't just for people — like, someone thought animals NEEDED to experience this fall craze, too.

    Lara: This is absolutely insane. INSANE. But I also kind of want to get them for my dog!!!!!!!

    Pablo: I'd eat these.

    10. Pumpkin spice peeps

    Peeps / Via

    Farrah: I bet these are really good but taste like 20 cavities.

    Lara: Is this real? This cannot be real.

    Pablo: I've had these, and I will have them again. And again. And again. I hate myself.

    11. Pumpkin spice beard oil

    Texas Beard Company / Via

    Farrah: Going back to the whole deodorant thing, I don't think it would be BAD. Just...very festive.

    Lara: This would just make me wanna eat a beard and that would be weird.

    Pablo: Eating beards is IN and I'm ready.

    12. Pumpkin spice whey protein

    Farrah: *Simon Cowell voice* it's a no from me.

    Lara: Oh JFC. Fine. Take it, people who work out a lot. You can have it.

    Pablo: Are pumpkins vegetables or fruits? That's unrelated to this, but someone please tell me.

    13. Pumpkin spice dish soap

    Farrah: OK, see, I think this would be less potent than the lotion so I would absolutely put it in my bathroom and kitchen.

    Lara: Hell yeah I want my hands to smell like pumpkin spice.

    Pablo: I'll eat my dishes after I eat a beard.

    14. Pumpkin spice peanut butter

    Farrah: I think I want my peanut butter to just taste like peanut butter.

    Lara: Would eat by the spoonful, forkful, handful, whatever.

    Pablo: *literally orgasms*

    15. Pumpkin spice air freshener

    Glade / Via

    Farrah: SO. This isn't just pumpkin spice, but "Pumpkin Pie Diner" scent. I bet it smells like Thanksgiving day.

    Lara: I wish we had this in the single stall bathroom at work and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

    Pablo: Where's this so-called "Pumpkin Pie Diner" and why haven't I gone?

    16. Pumpkin spice pretzels

    Farrah: Yes, yes, yes give me everything sweet and salty with a hint of fall.

    Lara: I would eat these knowing that chemicals were entering my body. It would be worth it.

    Pablo: I'm anti-pretzel unless it's covered in something. This is something, so I'm pro this product.

    17. Pumpkin sheet mask

    Farrah: Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I nearly suffocate myself in pumpkin????" If so, this is the mask for you.

    Lara: I will try anything if it promises to make me look younger or more chic or something. So like, yes, send me a pumpkin face mask please.

    Pablo: Make me look like a newborn my sweet pumpkin king!