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22 Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite all-natural beauty products. Here are the results!


5. RMS Beauty Concealers

@xoyeyaaxo / Via

"I'm a huge fan of RMS. It's pricy but worth it. The concealer goes on so smoothly over my dry skin but still covers my acne well. Same goes for the blush. That and the lip glosses come in such beautiful vibrant colors but you can also use just a little if you want it to be more sheer. They last forever too, it's amazing!" — Sasha Pavlak

Get the lip glosses here for $25 and the blush here for $36.

6. Pure African Black Soap


"I use Pure African Black Soap twice daily on my skin, and it has made my acne clear up so well! It stings a little bit, but that means it's working. With that, plus adding a non comedogenic moisturizer, it has made my skin clear and smooth! It's wonderful." — Bethany Coomes

Get some here for $4.49.


9. Luna Hanwi's Bay Beard Oil


"I have started using this beard oil essential oil blend from Luna Hanwi. It is pretty grand. It is a blend of coconut, argan, and sweet almond oils and then several different essential oils. With winter full on this really moisturizes and refreshes the beard. My wife cannot get enough of it every time I put it on." — Shaun Collins

Get it here for $15.99.


12. Atomic Cosmetics Lipsticks

@FaithGrenade / Via

"Atomic Cosmetics is my absolute go to. Dr. Jen is a Bio Chemist with a passion for creating non toxic, all natural makeup. I'm obsessed with her lipsticks, ranging in colors from a classic red, to black, or a neutral daytime color. (And they look like pink diamonds!!!)." — Mizz Polly Esther

Get some here for $20.

15. Anything By Peek Beauty

@SeeWantWear / Via

"Anything by PEEK beauty, their "nom nom" lip plumpers are awesome and I'm absolutely obsessed with their brow powder. They also donate part of their sales to Girls Not Brides, a group of organizations working to stop child marriage. I could not love this brand more!" — SomethingTangible

Get some of the stuff here for $22.


18. TREAT Lip Balms and Scrubs

@spookylipstick / Via

"TREAT Lip balm and scrubs. They're organic and cruelty-free. And coconut oil and Shea butter based. They're ultra moisturizing without being sticky or shiny, they have yummy cake flavors, and it's HUGE so it lasts forever. It changed my life." — rebeccar4bf64a11a

Get some lip balm here for $9.99.

21. Alba Bontanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream

@mashashershakov / Via

"Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream! I use it every day and I swear by it. My face is like a baby's ass. Best part is that it's cruelty free which is my number one priority when buying beauty products." — kerrykforsythe

Get it here for $9.11.

22. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioners

@gotbeautydotcom / Via

"The Hydrate shampoo and conditioner by Pureology. It's a bit pricy, but it's 100% vegan, and my hair has never been so soft. It's ridiculous how soft and shiny it is! The shampoo smells like lavender, and the conditioner is minty. You'll feel like you're having the most relaxing shower you've ever had. Plus, it keeps your hair color longer if it's dyed!" — Ambelina

Get some here for $64.

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