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    We Asked An Adult Entertainer The Questions You Had About Her Job, And Here's What She Had To Say

    "I know that one day if I decide to leave the adult entertainment industry, I can confidently say I’m leaving with a lot of knowledge."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share any questions they had for adult entertainer Chessie Rae about her experience in this industry, in an effort to remind us all that sex work is work. Chessie Rae started filming amateur porn with her boyfriend in 2018 at the age of 18 and can hands down say she has become addicted — not because she’s exposing her body to the internet, but because she has created something out of nothing and turned her passion into a brand. On her home platform of Pornhub, Chessie was ranked the ninth amateur porn star of 2019 and is the amateur model with the 15th most subscribers. She has amassed over 130 million views to date and has 411K subscribers. You can find her on Instagram below and on OnlyFans.

    Chessie's responses to your questions are below:

    1. What is one product you cannot live without?

    2. How do you deal with having a period and being in the adult entertainment industry?

    3. What's your favorite thing to get to do doing work?

    4. How does the whole consent thing work in videos? Is everything you do agreed upon by all parties from the get-go, or are there any flexible boundaries?

    5. How do you set up your business to protect your identity?

    6. How did you get started in this industry, and can you give us an idea of how much money you were making/could make?

    7. How do you deal with body confidence?

    8. Is there anything you wish you had known before getting started in the industry?

    An image of a TV screen that says "girls, girls, girls" in fluorescent lighting
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    "I wish I had a little more experience in filmmaking and editing — in the beginning, these skills would have helped me improve my content and do a better job about being less sloppy in staying anonymous. Looking back with the experience I have now, I would have been able to catch and edit glimpses of myself that I didn’t want the world to see. However, you learn from your mistakes and it only helps you to improve in the future. So, to anyone who is thinking of joining the adult entertainment industry, all I will say is, do your research and make sure it’s 100% what you want."

    9. Can you speak to how the Bella Thorne/OnlyFans situation may have impacted you personally?

    If you don’t understand why every sex worker hates Bella Thorne’s stinky guts and how she endangered the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of creators, let me explain it for you! First, Bella Thorne made an OF & made $1m in her first day. This isn’t the bad part.

    Twitter: @erikaheidewald

    "Personally, the OnlyFans situation hasn’t affected me that much. Mainly because I have other things to fall back on when it comes to earning an income, like Pornhub and selling merchandise. I do, however, feel that the situation had a huge impact on the content creators who use OnlyFans as their only platform for income. I agree with others saying you can’t go from a weekly payout to having to wait 30 days in between your next paycheck, and still expect to manage comfortably. Getting paid weekly allows for a safety net — 'Oh, I didn’t earn as much as I was hoping this week. There’s always next week' kind of thing. Someone who is getting paid monthly can’t say that, or expect to make it by with a whole month in between. With that being said, the next resort would be to raise PPV posts. This currently has a max payout of only $50, which is sad and unacceptable."

    10. Do you get actual physical enjoyment/pleasure out of sex even though it is also your job?

    Sony Pictures

    "Yes! Since I see having sex as my job, I treat it like a job. Meaning, if I don’t like the outcome of my content, I will do it (film it) again. I also get to experiment sex positions with my boyfriend over and over again until I feel that we’ve got the right angle or shot. I like having fun with it. If you don’t have fun with your job, you’re not going to get any physical pleasure out of it. As well, I want my content to be real, which includes my orgasms too. Who wouldn’t enjoy their job if it meant you got to have an orgasm every time?!"

    11. What kind of personal sacrifices have you needed to make since deciding to do sex work (e.g., do your friends/family treat you differently? Are there certain places you feel you can't go? If/when you decide to leave sex work, are there industries you feel will be off limits to you for employment?)

    An image of Samantha from Sex and the City

    "I did have to accept the reality that my little secret — doing homemade amateur porn — could get out in my area. This brings me back to my earlier point about asking yourself before joining, 'Can I handle this industry if people I know find out I am a part of it?' Even if you hide your face. I handled this better than my boyfriend did at first, and realized that if I’m happy and being safe, I shouldn’t worry what others think. My boyfriend, on the other hand, feared that this would affect his future and his career. I asked if he felt like he couldn’t get a certain job based on fear of being judged for what he does at home (sharing harmless videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on an adult site), then does he really think that’s the job for him? He has grown to accept this reality as well, and we are both content now. The friends that have heard this secret are more than supportive, some even asking me how ​they ​too can get into the industry. The ones that don’t support it...well, could you really even consider them a friend?"

    12. What’s the weirdest request you’ve had from a fan?

    13. How well thought-out was your decision to do sex work?

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    "Like I mentioned earlier, it was kind of a spur of the moment idea which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. However, I did put a lot of thought into if I would show my face or not, along with what parts of my sex life and fantasies I would be happy to share with the internet."

    14. In your opinion, do you feel that shows such as Hot Girls Wanted (on Netflix) portray sex work fairly or unfairly?

    Movie poster for "Hot Girls Wanted

    "I feel like that show in particular portrayed sex work more negatively than it did positive. The show seems to revolve around girls working in professional porn, not amateur. Reasons being the girls are hired for shoots where they show up, do what is being asked, and leave with a paycheck. I personally don’t have much knowledge in how professional porn works, but I speak for myself and what I think the majority of girls in amateur porn would agree with when I say amateur porn is nothing like that. Amateur porn is content you produce yourself. You are in full control of your content and have all the say in what you’re doing on camera. Us amateurs are in charge of everything from the filming and editing, attire, and script, to even running our own page. In Hot Girls Wanted, you can tell that the girls had little to no say in the scenes they were shooting, and it was more than obvious that some of the girls were not happy to be there. What I got from the show was that it came off like the girls chose this line of work as a last resort in making money. For amateurs on Pornhub, we get into the adult entertainment industry for different reasons — whether it be to make money, get off via sharing our sex lives with others, or simply because we just enjoy having sex. I would say a movie that better portrays sex work is Cam. In this movie, the main character, Lola, plays an amateur cam model who produces her content by herself. This movie portrays the industry better because viewers are shown all the work Lola puts into making a name for herself, even seeing the reality of how caught up one can get in the industry. She spends what seems like every waking minute attending to her job and takes what she does seriously."

    15. Do you ever have second thoughts about or regret choosing to do sex work?

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