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This Is What An Emo Teen's Life Was Like In 2006

Those bulletins weren't gonna write themselves.

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1. You're woken up by your ringtone on your LG Chocolate playing the song "Sugar We're Goin' Down."

ejbostrom011 / Via

2. You then roll out of bed and go to the bathroom to turn on your hair straightener.

teebay_bee / Via

3. As you wait for it to heat up, you go to the family computer to check Myspace.

4. After getting pissed that your computer got ANOTHER virus from Limewire, you go back to the bathroom and begin to straighten your hair.

Avast / Via

5. You then apply black eyeliner until your eyes match the color of your soul.

3rd_asylum / Via

6. Maybe you'll wear a band tee today.

alexisbathory / Via

7. Or maybe you'll wear your Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie.

akirabloodmoon / Via

8. But no matter what, you have to maneuver your way into your favorite skinny jeans.

thedeath_of_you__ / Via

9. And you can't forget your studded belt!

jon_wotman / Via

10. While driving, you play your favorite mix CD, with songs from All Time Low, Brand New, and Coheed and Cambria.

punk_r0ck_pr1nc3ss / Via

11. Then, get to school and avoid the popular kids like the plague.


12. Now it's time to go to class. When you're supposed to be doing math problems, you spend that time writing song lyrics on your Vans.

13. In English, you spend your time writing angst-y poems about feelings.

14. In History, your teacher questions why your bangs are always covering one eye.

emoscene_dinosaurs / Via

15. After that is lunch! At lunch, you sit on the ground with your other emo friends pretending you understood what the curse of curves really was.

celestial_overlord / Via

16. Before you know it, the rest of the school day is over and you’re home taking new 🔥 selfies.

dhinagothic / Via

17. You can't decide between them, so you go ahead and upload several in an album on Myspace called "xx.Just Me.xx."

Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

18. Then you change your Myspace song again, this time to "All That I've Got" by The Used because you're feeling a lot of emotions.

19. After that, it's time to sit at the dinner table with your parents while they comment on your eye makeup.

victoria_the_doll / Via

20. You neglect your vegetables, and then go into your room, put on your headphones, and drown out the rest of the world.

21. You end your night by posting a bulletin that urges your friends to pc4pc while you sleep soundly.

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