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Jan 9, 2015

A Day In The Life Of People Who Hate People

Hating people is a full time job.

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You start your morning off by taking the necessary precautions to get you through a day filled with human interaction.

... Because there's never a time you want to be around people.

Before you leave the house, you read your daily inspiration to live by.

You dress appropriately in hopes others will stay out of your personal space...

... But no matter what, some annoying idiot will get way too close and you'll have no choice but to react accordingly.

Commuting is the most dreaded part of your day.

And wherever you're heading, it's NEVER worth it.

Throughout the day, you're constantly reminded why you should have never left your house...

... And daydreaming about your most passionate of fantasies.

All day long, you're constantly dealing with people texting you who you reluctantly gave your number to in the first place.

And your resting bitchface has gotten so good, that you can't even enjoy your lunch ALONE without people nagging you.

When it's finally time to go home, you usually stop to buy necessities to support your lifestyle...

... Because during the evening, you're in your OWN HOME where no one else should be.

To unwind from the day, you channel your hatred into your craft.

And do some ~self reflection~... but change nothing about yourself.

Sometimes you cook some dinner up with your emotions...

... Or drink it up with your wine.

After your evening meal, you might debate on whether or not you should go out... before you realize that you hate going out, because people.

At some point, your mom calls you to remind you that you should be dating.

... And you tell her for the millionth time that when you try to date someone, you realize that they're a person and therefore you cannot stand them.

Each night before bed, you spend a lot of time listing the reasons why you hate people so much...

... And there's still never enough time to count them all.

And then you go to sleep knowing that you'll wake up tomorrow and do the same damn thing.

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