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53 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping At Target

I don't always shop at Target, but when I do it's to avoid Wal-Mart.

1. Wait, which door should I go in? Ohhh automatic door. This is awkward.

2. Whoa, I don't want the cart with the receipt in it. NOPE.

3. This cart looks pretty clean.

4. I really just need groceries, but maybe I can just look at the clothes.

5. Omg is that a new line?!?!

6. Wait, do they have the swimsuits out?!

7. I don't think they've been picked over that much yet — better take a look.

8. Well, I have time to try on a few real quick.

9. Ugh, I can only take in six items. Time to make a decision.

10. I just wish my dressing room tag would fit on the hanger.

11. Umm, is this mirror warped? I don't really look like that.

12. Crap, it's already been 30 minutes. I need to move on.

13. OK, I'm gonna get this suit. I mean it's so cheap I basically have to.

14. I wonder if those shoes my friend had are still here.

15. Oh my god, all these shoes on sale! I have to try these on.

16. I mean I don't REALLY need another pair of wedges but they're only $14.98.

17. Ohhhh the new sandals are out.

18. If I don't get these today they'll probably be gone next week. Better get them.

19. Those would be so cute with that dress I saw earlier.

20. I wonder if they have my size on the fitting room discard rack.

21. OK, on to the groceries. I hope they have the Easter candy out.

22. I don't get people and that dollar section.

23. Wait, did that lady have socks with bunnies on them?

24. Are those only a dollar?

25. OK I basically HAVE to get them, they're a dollar.

26. I think I need this cup too. It's so cute and basically pays for itself.

27. Is that a CAT COLLAR? I don't have a cat but I know someone who does. How cute would that be?

28. Oh, I see the Easter candy. Better pick up some Reese's Eggs. I'm just getting into the Easter spirit.

29. I can give them out at work; I totally won't eat them all myself.

30. What is that? Is that a pomegranate drink? It says it's supposed to be good for your skin. I should try it.

31. Wait, the tortilla chips are two for $5. I'll grab two.

32. I should get some guacamole to go with.

33. That new hummus flavor sounds so good.

34. What should I dip in hummus?

35. Woah, that hottie just went to the freezer section. I probably need something from the freezer section.


37. Are those reduced-fat chicken fingers?!

38. I wonder if chicken fingers would be good with hummus.

39. Woah, that lady has the cutest pillow in her cart.

40. I should check out home goods. I mean, my apartment could really use some updating.

41. Is that wall art? That would be way easier than painting.

42. I totally have this quote on my Pinterest board.

43. I should go before I spend any more money.

44. Are those new Essie colors? I could really use a new spring color.

45. Ugh, should I get the light green or the lighter green?

46. Maybe I should just get both. I mean I'll use them.

47. These lines are so long.

48. When did my cart get so full?

49. Is that a new EOS flavor? Yum.

50. My bill is HOW MUCH?

51. How am I going to carry all these bags?

52. Was I really just in there for two hours?

53. Shit, I forgot shampoo. I'll go back next week.

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