27 Reasons You Have The Urge To Hit The Road

Wanderlust: It’s a real thing.

1. Because when you camp at home, this isn’t your view.

Dan Feidt /

2. Because there are approximately 4 million miles of road in the United States and you haven’t driven on all of them.

Tumblr / shaynamaiteblock

3. Because this is better than writing in Starbucks.

Flickr / danka.peter

4. Because you’re still trying to figure out a way to get to Hogwarts.

Tumblr / ashleyrecords

5. Because this is better than practicing yoga in a studio.

Andrea Paola Yoga /

6. Because this isn’t your view during your morning walk.

Flickr / F2eliminator

7. Because this isn’t your roof.

Tumblr / VJ Singh / far-and-back

8. Because there are 1,781,984 #India posts on Instagram and yours isn’t one of them.

Instagram / Susperpeni

9. Because there aren’t enough pins on your map yet.

10. Because you haven’t kissed a fish yet.

11. Because you can get to over 20 countries in Europe alone using a train system.

Morten Rakke / Visit Flam

12. Because you haven’t ridden on an elephant yet.

Sean Crane /

13. Because one New York trip will never be enough.

Tumblr / the-style-obsessed

14. Because you want to see real-life castles.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, Germany

15. Because you need to paddleboard on Lake Tahoe.

Tumblr / treesgowandering

16. Because you need to see this.

17. Because your passport doesn’t look like this yet.

18. Because you want 1,000,000 frequent-flier miles.

Tumblr / andrewdanger

19. Because you haven’t been boating here yet.

Flickr / f2eliminator

20. Because you want to be this bird.

Flickr / f2eliminator

21. Because your new travel bag hasn’t been on a trip yet.

22. Because you need to go on an adventure and take sweet GoPro pictures.

GoPro Media Guru Jordan Miller

23. Because you aren’t currently kissing a giraffe.

Noel Hoover

24. Because your feet need to feel this.

Flickr / abby_billington

25. Because you don’t have a picture like this yet.

Wes Hopkins / Limitless /

26. Because you have to follow all of these arrows.

27. Because this could be you.

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